10 tips for a happy couple relationship

There are tips developed by experts in psychology and marriage counselors. There is no clear established line that should be followed to have a happy life as a couple, but we have collected ten tips developed by experts in psychology and marriage counselors …

1) Complaints vs. criticisms: In a couple relationship there are thousands of complaints, however, it is important to have a correct communication to solve them. In the meantime, the latter may be offensive to the person affected; it is best to do it in a constructive way and giving solutions to avoid a bigger problem.

2) Form of communication: Asking for things in a more attentive way will help the growth of your relationship. Forgets to give orders and opts for a more subtle language. Your partner will thank you, it will be easier for them to do things and they will generate a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and gratitude.

3) Be specific: In a relationship do not work the rodeos. If you are annoyed say something directly, but not offend. Remember to make kind comments.

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4) Update: It is important to forget the past and live the present. By doing new activities they will refresh your relationship, which will increase your happiness.

5) Eliminate the assumptions: When making a judgment of something that you are not sure can generate more problems in your relationship, so if you have doubts about some subject ask directly and bluntly. Honesty among you is vital to being truly happy.

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6) Forget the negative words: You become known these sentences: “you never help”, “you always forget to do what I ask” … It is normal when there is a closer interaction in the relationship. Better, ask for help directly or remember things with less aggressive words.

7) Take care of your rights: Remember that both have rights that must be respected. Come to agreements and explain how important a situation is for you.

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8) Good humor: Do not let routine or stress deplete the ability to have fun or spend a pleasant time with your partner. Take a few seconds of your time to tell jokes, hug or enjoy a movie that both of you like.

9) Comprehension: Before complaining to your partner about being late for the appointment or giving something for granted, listen and analyze the situation; Avoid discussions and take advantage of the time left to enjoy it to the fullest.

10) Agreements: These are basic in a relationship, as they can live in harmony, respect the rights of others and enjoy great happiness. Come to agreements and explain how important a situation is for you.

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