10 tips to grow rapidly in your company

It is NOT enough to sit on your desktop and perform the functions delegated daily. We often confuse the passage of time is enough to move up in the company and thus enjoy the sweetness of a salary increase, but only we can get a series of keys that we propose below.

We all crave that moment when our boss put us ascend.It is therefore very important to develop a set of skills that will help you pursue a new position.

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SWOT analysis

According to Dayann Olivares, human resources specialist psychologist, the executive must project his career taking as a starting point their strengths.This result after using as a useful tool is the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).This is a very common tool for companies that can meet their specific environment and competition with other organizations.

It made ​​individually very effective to examine our work and personal life.We must focus on strengths to find the keys to success and optimize the results we want.“We must understand that an executive is a product that is constantly on sale and requires actions that exalt its positive aspects”, says the specialist.Matter of attitude: How to develop my strategy for the famous ascent?To grow the workforce, then we list 10 tips that will be useful, that they are directly related to the concept of leadership:

1) Be a strategist

Constantly working on analysis and planning how to meet goals.Test the ideas that arise and thus will stimulate a creative process in the search results and optimal solutions.“A strategist is synonymous with a flexible thinker, considered a wide range of possibilities in making decisions and chooses the best scope”says Olivares.

2) Shines within your company

And we do not mean only the clothes, but of course the presentation is always important.This section discusses how to handle high levels of quality in our work, as it ensures Araceli Hernandez, head of the human resources area in a branch of Comercial Mexicana.“We have to present the results of our work to enable us to highlight the others.This is also taking the initiative can achieve a solution against any eventuality”, says Araceli Hernandez.

3) Stay in constant preparation

This translates to study a degree higher than that optimize the development of new skills and knowledge to face new challenges degree.Every day it becomes more urgent to raise our level of competition.“A very strong academic background required to you as an executive to be in a job search for improvement”, says the psychologist.

4) Entrepreneurial attitude

“The ability to create or start taking root as the determination to act in the company”distinguishes Hernandez.From that perspective, the Council invites us to do, do not expect and encourage our creative side with a sense of commitment.Innovate in the pursuit of goals and solutions.

5) Know the organizational structure of your company

“Before thinking about a rise in position, it is necessary to be informed about the roles and responsibilities to fulfill as well as the profile required”advises the recruiter. In this way, we need to consider if our profile is right as for the new request.

6) Take the initiative and trust your abilities

“It is highly recommended to reflect much initiative from raising solutions to postularte yourself for the job you aspire”, says Dayann Olivares.An executive should not expect to be offered the position as perhaps not reach that point.You must be aware and sure of their capabilities, demonstrating absolute confidence to be the ideal person for the job.

7) A promotion is earned

Listening criticism, accept and learn from mistakes is quite wise.Recognize your areas of opportunity to observe your weak points it is smart to take steps so we can correct them.“We tend to generally deflect criticism about our performance or work, we must not ignore, as people grow professionally, and in the personal level too, are those who are open to accept incompetence and undertake to improve them”, points Araceli Hernandez.

8) Encourage your communication

Olivares specialist for the constant flow of information to your superiors is key to gain position.You must be clear about your goals and objectives within the company, especially with your direct boss.“The absence of the chief subordinate way communication could hinder the upgrade,”he says.Maintain a climate of respect to avoid internal conflicts is ideal. Effective communication with your superior results in learning how, when and where to communicate.

9) Surround yourself with a good team

Internal candidates for a position have the advantage will be evaluated by their superiors.“Managers tend to ask about the results of his executive team,”he says Araceli.It is advisable to maintain a cordial relationship.The team player is an express condition to climb the corporate world.It is one of the qualities that are considered when climbing positions.

10) Networking

In the words of Olivares is a synonym plug, is a concept that suggests making a list of possible contacts, works as an efficient link with the position you aspire.Make contact with friends within the company to find out about future vacancies.If you’re applying and not getting the desired results, keep in touch with managers or people in charge of hiring for you to take into account in future opportunities.A leading capability let you move up your work.

The companies require leaders at all levels in the organization that can provide solutions to the challenges of a globalized world with people willing to take risks, global entrepreneurs who have leadership and strategic vision.

We must understand that leadership is a product of personal growth, where the individual knows and measure their strengths and weaknesses, to know where and how to contribute to the achievement, in this case, the goals of the company.Define your career path and take action every day you just run one way: move up in your company.

In any plan we must raise a promotion tinged requirement.Our actions speak for themselves, if you carry out these helpful tips, you will not feel the desperate need to communicate a desire to grow in your company.Discuss your aspiration and achievement that will serve to this with great discretion and antidote who you do it.Your results jump in sight because managers positional your skills and you will notice your job objective.

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