13 must have movies that mix comedy and action

‘Spy’ a hilarious spoof of James Bond film starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham, led me to think that there are not so many movies that have successfully combined comedy and action, either Because they did not get a necessary balance or because their humor simply did not have the slightest grace.

With that idea in mind I started thinking about titles that really deserve worth and I ended up making a selection of what they are, in my opinion – do not forget this before complaining because I have not included a title that you do You would have emphasized- 15 action comedies that you should have already seen, also looking for the variety at the time of choosing them, so maybe you will surprise some of the selected ones. Without further ado, I leave you with them.

Hot Fuzz

The truth is that it is the delivery of the trilogy of the Cornetto Edgar Wright that I least like, but that gives you plenty to be a parody of action comedies hugely entertaining, with some scenes brutal, both in the literal sense as in The figurative, and with some very inspired actors, especially Simon Pegg, who has never been so inspired as in its collaborations with Wright.

Bad Boys

I remember seeing it easy ten times when I was a teenager, because this is a very fulfilling film in which the more excessive side of Michael Bay was still moderate – in the second delivery that already changed completely – and that helps to achieve an enjoyable balance Between comedy, more present during the first hour, and action, the dominant during the second. In addition, the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is indisputable

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

One of my favorite movies during my childhood, caring very little that its duration comes close to 3 hours, since it is the first title that comes to mind when I think of entertainment movies – it is no coincidence that it also has a similar weakness By the television ‘Los Autos Locos’. It is fair to say that at the time I did not know how to value its stellar cast, so when I grew older I discovered more things almost with each viewing. Of course, do not expect frenetic action in the style of the current cinema, since here is another type of action, less spectacular but just as effective.

The good, the bad and the weird

Surely more than one is wondering what makes this kind of remake of the jewel directed by Sergio Leone in 1966, but it is precisely the great contribution of Kim Jee-woon was to give numerous touches of action comedy, especially during his Great start – something that even those who were not very satisfied with the film in general usually stand out – and its energetic final stretch. In between I do remember a certain downturn of interest, but without arriving in any case to what commented my colleague Juan Luis in his criticism.

The Last Boy Scout

Bruce Willis could not miss this list and since films of the saga ‘Die Hard’ are not action comedies, which best represents the rest of his career is ‘The Last Boy Scout’, title Which in its time had the most expensive script bought by Hollywood. In fact, I think we are facing an improved evolution of ‘Lethal Weapon’ – a title that has been left out as an action film with some comedy – with a greater humorous load, much more effective for many dialogues that the character of Willis than for the contribution of Damon Wayans. And the action part is also at a good level thanks to Tony Scott behind the cameras.

Last Action Hero

There are several films that have played with the cinema resource within the cinema, but with no I pass it as well as with this film by John McTiernan that was not so well received at the time. Forward in time maybe? I do not know, but what is indisputable is that McTiernan was a great director of action, that the script of Shane Black and David Arnott is full of great moments – I especially love the dialogue about being a secondary dispensable – and also that Arnold Schwarzenegger has never laughed better than itself.

Midnight Run

There are already those times when Robert De Niro gave us great performances with the same skill that any of us has to keep breathing, but in this case it is fair to point out that the great star of the show is an inspirational Charles Grodin, both for his charismatic performance as the unique chemistry he has with De Niro. Without them I am convinced that it would be something just entertaining and not the delight it is. Luckily, it seems that his announced sequel will never go ahead.

22 Jump Street

I had a problem with the movies of Phil Lord and Chris Miller until the premiere of ‘Infiltrates in the University’, and is that all his films I liked without any of them finished finishing the job. That change thanks to this thunderous sequel of ’21 Jump Street’, since it is, by far, his most fun work to date thanks to precisely betting openly to make fun of being a sequel, something that made me As he has rarely done in recent years thanks to the magnificent final joke. However, I very much doubt that the announced crossover with ‘Men in Black’ will even come close to the level achieved here.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service

The last film by Matthew Vaughn offered us action and fun first – so much, so that it is the only tape in a good time that I have seen twice in cinema, so it could not be lacking in this selection. It is true that it is a very self-conscious film and that can be a sticking point for many, but it is that it always borders on it wants to be cool and also has a very inspirational cast, an impeccable management job and a script that knows what it wants and also how to do it. I wish the sequel would not disappoint me.

True Lies

He had thought to do everything possible not to repeat director or actor protagonist and so this list had more diversity, but was that it would be criminal to leave out ‘Random Lies’, the film that James Cameron should do a second installment instead Of being years and years working on the continuations of ‘Avatar’. As expected from Cameron, the action scenes are shot with a pulse and could go through those of a film released last week, but it is also dressed with a great layer of humor that Schwarzenegger squeezes to the max, not forgetting either the great contribution of Jamie Lee Curtis

Shaolin Soccer

Surely many of you remember that many years ago was talked about a movie defining it as a kind of real-image version of ‘Oliver and Benji’, the famous cartoon series in which its protagonists made impossible pirouettes to mark or avoid a goal. It is a very successful way of describing ‘Shaolin Soccer’, a great entertainment that incomprehensibly remains unpublished in today. More luck had Stephen Chow, its director and protagonist, in our country with ‘Kung Fu sion’ (Kung Fu), his next and rather inferior action comedy.

Shoot Em Up

I know that there are not a few movie fans who hate this movie starring Clive Owen, but I see an injustice as I forget it is, so I go out in their defense whenever I can. Here the top thing is above all the excesses, but these are created in a meticulous way so that the whole film is a continuous excess with which if you connect you will pass pipe, both with the forceful one-liners and by The way to devise the action by Michael Davis.

Tropic Thunder

This is not the first time I recommend ‘Tropic Thunder’ and I doubt that this will be the last, because this parody of the cinema set during the Vietnam War is a hoot. The script already contains great finds and memorable gags – marvelous jokes using the resources of the movie trailers – but it also has a group of actors in a state of grace – although it is logical that Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise were The most praised – and Ben Stiller does not cut a hair when it comes to addressing the action scenes.

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