14 extensions and other applications to speed reading in your browser

While it is clear that new technologies and the development of Internet has changed many aspects of our daily lives, there are areas whose influence little could suspect. This is the case of reading, a field that has little to do which is carried out on a book with which we perform in our browser.

A discipline in which patterns, points of attention and time commitment have nothing to do and who claim to own rules. A reality that has forced the media and other websites content adapted to shorter, flashy and the like; and a context in which that minutes spent each is key. Therefore, we have decided to compile a series of tools that allow you speed reading in the browser.

Some services among which include applications of very diverse -for such example, we must estimate the time it will take to read the contents completely, while others will provide specific benefits for you do it quickly, and extensions in ultimately allow you to save time without losing detail.

Bee Line Reader

This is the case of Bee Line Reader, which lets us find interesting information from a text more quickly, an extension for Chrome that allows to speed up the reading of texts on the web.

The idea is to do it by changing the text color gradually, so that our eye can go anticipating what is coming. A technique that, according to scientists at Stanford University, can actually increase reading speed by up to 10%.

A new way of reading that can be applied to e-books, e, PDF files and more. The tool offers the possibility to sign up to the beta test for “fiddling characteristics being tested” and choose the color tones: dark, gray, azulees, et cetera.

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14 extensions
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Speed Reading Trainer

If, on the other hand, you want to “train” to read faster, Speed Reading Trainer is the perfect extension. The first thing you will, in any case and to suit your level is evaluate you. From then you will be putting different exercises to improve your reading speed and comprehension rate. To work, though, suggest that you practice for ten minutes at least five days a week.

Additionally and obviously, this training not only serves for the web, but its scope is much broader. In fact, in his description is posed as follows: “imagine being able to read books like The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter in just a few hours […] Imagine spending a quarter of the time usually destine to study and continue to have the same understanding”.

Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading

Blank your monitor, meanwhile, is a Firefox extension that lets you change the color scheme of the browser in order to reverse the use of black and white. Something very useful for sites that, for example, have white letters on a dark background and barely legible result.

It also has keyboard shortcuts (just, for example, press Ctrl + Alt + B to start using it or change the latter by Z in case you want to activate the option for easy reading) and other customization options that leave us highlight and isolate the text for easy reading.

Speed Reader

Nor can we stop talking about specific similar applications for mobile devices like Speed Reader an app for Android that is based on a method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. A technique to read faster and eliminates the time spent on the movement of the eyes between words. In addition, the utility includes an option to increase the speed to our liking and is compatible with TXT, PDF, Epug, HTML and XML formats, among others.

Read Time

Read Time, meanwhile, is a complement to Chrome that offers the opportunity to calculate the reading time depending on your abilities. That is, one of its virtues is that it lets us adjust the speed of our reading individually. It does Using several sample texts in which you can mark the moment when we started reading and one in which we completed.

A perfect place to meet simple and useful pluggin how much we take a particular item. However, only it works with these and certain portals compatibility is limited or, directly, is unable to carry out the estimate. For more information, you will find your code on GitHub.

Speed Reading Tips

As for Speed Reading Tips, an app is somewhat different, because what it does is give us specific tips to speed up the reading and understanding. It also includes three distinct sections: speed, comprehension and retention, each of which gives us the option of working.

In addition to the app itself, on its official website you will find numerous other resources and even a free guide to reading speed. The site includes a specialized blog, courses, software and applications, and additional information that will be useful if you want to become a more efficient reader.


While we’ve already talked about it in previous articles, I could not miss this list Spritz, a system of rapid reading lighting in 2014 and whose main objective is to prevent the movement from left to right and top under our eyes while reading . An end that manages the hand of the presentation of words in one space, consecutively and very fast way.

An application that promises to double-even triple – the usual speed reading (in any case, we can set it to a specific tab), which is around 250 words per minute and 70% comprehension.


Also open source -what you will find available in GitHub-, Jetfz is a plugin for Chrome in which we can change the letter, the reading speed , move forward or backward in paragraphs, change the screen brightness and other features so that we more comfortable reading about it.

The best, however, is that it has keyboard shortcuts. For example, alters the dimensions of the letter with the +/- keys, go faster or slower with the help of the arrow keys, pause with the space bar, change the brightness to 0, and obtains statistics speed by the question.

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Very similar to those discussed above, Spreed is another extension for Chrome that, in addition to the above, includes some additional features such as the option to change the font of a site for another that we find it easier to read (especially if it is a typeface auction, for example, whose readability descends on the web) the power to change the background (whites are more readable), and so on. It also tells you the approximate time it will take to finish a particular post.


Regarding Velocity, designed for iOS, has different features for easy reading, as the ability to resize the text, background and so on; and to examine and save articles on the web. It also includes a typeface designed for dyslexic readers ** **.

Quick Read

Read Quick is another option for devices firm apple that will give us the opportunity to speed reading. In any case, its main virtue from previous is that it integrates seamlessly with aggregates most popular content as Feedly, Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket and others.

It also includes statistics on speed, control of words read per minute, and a section to save to read later. The Premium version costs 9.99 euros, but adds other interesting features such as a new text viewer, synchronization between multiple devices, and so on.

Speeder Reader

Evidently and although preceding it in this list are the pioneers, we find others like Speeder Reader, which follows the same operation and avoids the delay caused by the movement of the eyes between words and line- breaks. Specifically, this application works very so simple.

To start using it, simply add the text to read in the box below that, in the area that lies just above, the tool will show us the words. A presentation which we can increase speed and has different bold letters that favor the identification of terms.

Balto Speed Reading

Balto Speed Reading meanwhile, and although it is very similar to the previous ones , is an app that stands out for its compatibility with other files – TXT, PDF, EPUB, HTML, DOC, ZIP, Kindle, AZW, MOBI, PRC and third party applications. In addition, it is available in up to nine different languages.

In more detail, it differs from the rest of their peers that is optimized for reading long texts, websites and electronic books more comfortably. It also includes some features that make navigation more agile.


To finish and although some of the above tools like Bee Line, for example are designed to also provide us with the process in the email, Mailbird, as its name suggests, has been created for this purpose. A solution compatible with the most popular services (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and even WhatsApp) that shows shipments and received messages in a more pleasing visual environment.

And not only that, but this service includes provision of quick reading that promises to get you to read the emails up to three times faster than usual. In any case, there is an extension, but an e – mail client for Windows that provides us this possibility.

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