20 tips for using the Internet safely and responsibly

If you are starting to use the Internet or did you join a new social network, we recommend that you consider 20 tips to help you improve and take care of your experience in the world 2.0. We should note that there are some dangers that we avoid if we are ready and know what to do in certain cases.  

Safe use of internet
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The material was developed by Elisa Amber who shared 20 tips and adds a recommendation

  • Connect to the Internet in the presence of an adult. To do this, you can put your computer, not in a secluded place, but in a regular place in the house. If this is not possible, the screen should be positioned so that you can see the screen when entering the room or be in it.
  • Parents should know enough to talk to them on the contents and use of the Internet.
  • Parents should sail with them.
  • Warn children never to give personal information, or to be seen with anyone on the network known.
  • Limit pages that can be visited, for this install programs that restrict access to particular content pages. Add to the folder “Favorites” for the sites that can be visited. Consult History to know which pages are being visited. Adverted the operator telephone connection facilitates the connection prohibiting additional fee.
  • Limit Internet time connection to not neglect other activities. Also, avoid connecting to the Internet overnight.
  • The Internet is a network that connects millions of people through the computer, and physically far apart from very different and sometimes conflicting contexts.
  • It is neither good nor bad, as everything depends on the use is given. In the case of boys it has many advantages but also many drawbacks.
  • It is therefore appropriate for parents to consider some tips that are proposed.
  • You can immediately see information related to the studies: encyclopedias, dictionaries, documentaries, data …
  • It has access to other school materials: worksheets, sample exercises, drawings, explanations of tasks …
  • Can be made ​​from the computer learning games related to the main subjects.
  • Can check and compare news release.
  • The email with people you know, it’s a quick way to communicate and send information.
  • In short, the Internet is an endless source of information, may enter any and all types of information easily and quickly accessed content, photographs and videos not suitable for children, pornography, violence, drugs …
  • The child may provide personal data that are within reach, and that compromise the safety of the family credit card number, ID number, telephone number, address, profession, etc. Internet is a place conducive to fraud, misleading advertising or additional charge.
  • In the chats, you can interact with people who do not know, that hides or disguises your identity and can have bad intentions. It also establishes a form of virtual relationship both real and not real.
  • Can be isolated, so that children prefer the virtual connection, for example via Messenger, direct relationship.
  • You may be spending too much time neglecting other activities: studies, sports, relationship with the family …
  • Could create a real addiction.

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