3 Great Places to Visit in the USA

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Have you been traveling recently? Where is the next destination that you plan to visit? Have you ever been to the United States of America? The land of the free has some amazing places to visit and there are plenty of things to do in America.

Visiting USA attractions and landmarks can keep you busy for months, there are so many amazing places to visit, that’s its impossible to see it all on one trip unless you plan to go for an entire year.

If you cant afford to take that type of time off, then here are the top 3 places to visit on your trip to the USA.

The Big Island of Hawaii

The majestic big island of Hawaii offers an amazing travel experience. Unlike the other destinations in this Pacific island chain, The big island of Hawaii is best known for its breathtaking beautiful landscapes. From snow-capped mountains to volcanic sand beaches, the big island is a tropical paradise like no other.

The other islands in the chain also have their own unique characteristics. Maui offers fun for the whole family, the north shore of Oahu is a surfer’s mecca, and Kauai offers luxury and romance. However, the big island is a complete experience that offers you the best of everything.

With lush tropical rainforests and active volcanos erupting with astounding lava displays, the big island of Hawaii is continually evolving thanks to the continuing lava flow that builds the island day by day. With plenty of hiking trails and a myriad of watersports available, the big island offers you fun in and out of the water. Hawaii is also home to some of the worlds finest hotels, with a level of service and luxury that completes the island experience of a lifetime. Pack your bags and say aloha to the big island of Hawaii.


Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Aspen is a winter wonderland that has a magical feel. With clear blue skies and snow-capped peaks, Aspen has to be one of the worlds most impressive ski resort experiences. If you love skiing, then Aspen is for you. Spend your days on the slopes cutting through the powder and then relax in front of a fire in your cabin for the evening.

Aspen has some of the most luxurious ski-lodge resorts in the world. It is a vibrant town that has friendly locals, amazing restaurants, luxury shopping, and mesmerizing museums. Aspen is a true winter wonderland that should be on everyone’s bucket list to visit. The winter season is when Aspen comes to life, with exciting festivals and engaging entertainment, but the main attraction is the ski-slopes that draw in thousands of tourists every snow season.

Aspen is the closest embodiment to a living snowglobe that you could possibly experience, from the moment you arrive the sheer beauty of the place captures your imagination.

New York City

The cosmopolitan heart of the United States is New York Cit/. No other city in the world is more famous for its diverse culture and iconic landmarks. The big apple is the city that never sleeps and when you visit it you will understand why. With neon signs flashing all through the night and the sounds of activity never ceasing, New York has something for everyone.

From high-end shopping in the boutiques of 5th Avenue to the trendy coffee shops and traditional New York pizzerias, the big apple will keep busy you every moment of the day. Towering skyscrapers cover the skyline and keep the city evolving, visit the city’s famous cocktail bars and have a sundowner of the deck of one of the luxury hotels, followed by a meal at one of the city’s many famous restaurants.

The Final Thought

America offers so many choice places to go, but if you want to see the best of the best, then visit these three destinations first. They offer the best of the best and there is something for everyone. From the majestic mountains of Aspen to the tropics of Hawaii, and the hustle and bustle of NYC. Go skiing, shopping, and relax on the beach. One thing is for sure, it will be the best trip of your lifetime.

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