4 Best Business Credit Cards from Mastercard

It is not very uncommon that you see a day when you find your pockets short of meeting the expense that appeared all of a sudden. You look here and there to find some instant cash resource, and in such circumstances, credit cards prove to be very handy. You should have more than one credit cards so that you may swap each time and having more credit cards extend your spending limits too. If you run some business, the need and importance of credit cards become more.

A lot of small business credit cards are there so a common entrepreneur can be confused easily. You must do a little research before you make any decision about applying for a small business credit card. If you reside in the United States of America, then you must apply for some MasterCard. Several companies are offering Business Credit Cards from MasterCard. Here for your ease, we have made a list of some Best Business Credit Cards from MasterCard.

Citi Business AAdvantage

The most popular Business Credit Card among the entrepreneurs is Citi Business Advantage Platinum Select World MasterCard. This Business Credit Card is specifically designed by keeping in view the needs and norms of Business. With this credit card, you can earn 60,000 American Airlines Advantage points if you manage to spend at least $3000 within 90 days of acquiring the Citi Business Credit Card. Later on, you can earn one point per $1 spending. So you can have some amazing opportunities to travel via American Airlines if you have CitiBusiness AAdvantage Platinum Credit Card. Another good thing is that Annual fee is only $95 and for the first 12 months you need not pay any fee.

Bank of America Business Advantage

Most of the people consider it one of the best business credit cards because it offers amazing cash back offers. Another amazing thing is that theres no annual fee for Bank of America Business Advantage Credit Card. You get 3% cash back on every spending at Gas Stations and Office Supply stores while you get another 2% cash back on spending at most of the restaurants in the United States of America. Apart from the bonus points, you also get a statement credit for every purchase you made through Bank of America Business Advantage Credit Card.

The Universal Platinum FleetCard

If you travel a lot or if you have good consumption of fuel then you must apply for The Universal Platinum FleetCard from Mastercard. The main advantage of this card is that you will get discount of 3 cents per gallon fuel and you can get additional 3 cent discounts. This credit card comes with no annual charges, and another good thing about this credit card is that you can apply for it even if you have just satisfactory credit.

BP Business Solutions

Widely accepted BP Business Solutions MasterCard is another good option for best business credit cards if you have to enjoy discounts on fuel. It offers 6 cents per gallon discount if you purchase fuel using this credit card which is almost double of The Universal Platinum FleetCard. The only bad thing about this card is that you will have to pay $10 per month charges which can be avoided if you consume more than 5000 gallons of fuel per month.

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