5 awesome technologies that you still can not buy

Crowdfunding through platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo has managed to see innovative light and disruptive technologies. Today we are talking about five of these products without equal, still in the process of being financed.

If you want to get hold of them, the procedure is very simple, since you only have to choose the type of economic investment according to the reward you want and wait for the campaign to obtain the support of the network’s public or not. Thus, behind the collective power is the magic formula of crowdfunding, the way of micromanagement adapted to the most famous digital age of our times.

We keep you up to date with many of  the platform’s successes, such as a flexible pocket wallet, a  revolutionary toy to relieve anxiety, a headband to control your dreams, a record player that  levitates vinyl  or a device that allows you to manage your digital devices without using your hands.

Below, we collect some of the most interesting crowdfunding projects that are currently in the process of being funded and that can revolutionize areas as diverse as music festivals or beekeeping. Let’s go there!


technologies you can't buy
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Bees are having a bad time in recent times : in 2016 alone, more than 40 percent of the colonies in the United States perished. To combat this worrying trend, many beekeepers have turned to technology for help. One of the weight options is BuzzBox : an innovative beehive monitoring device designed to keep beekeepers in contact with their young.

Since bees are meticulous creatures, and a wide variety of factors can affect the health of each hive, the BuzzBox system includes various sensors that measure room temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and much more. As a further advantage, the entire unit is powered by a two-watt solar panel. The device also has a built-in anti-theft accelerometer to control movement in case someone tries to trap the hive.

BuzzBox is also able to record and analyze the acoustics inside a hive and recognize patterns over time. This allows the device to detect multiple diseases, parasites and other health problems that a colony usually faces, fundamental for beekeepers to intercede before the problems extend to the entire hive.


technologies you can't buy
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Do you want to communicate long distances in the desert without spending a lot of money on a set of high-end walkie-talkies? Sonnet has the solution!

This is one of the most interesting projects of 2018 that you still can not buy, and it is a mesh network center that allows you to send messages and make calls to other Sonnet users directly from your smartphone, even when you are away from your telephony provider’s network. It does not use mobile phone towers or Wi-Fi at all, so it will work even if all other forms of communication are not available.

Like other similar GoTenna or Beartooth products, Sonnet uses long-range radio signals to create a peer-to-peer network that allows smartphone users to communicate directly, regardless of whether or not there are telephony towers. mobile nearby.

The gadget connects to an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and uses a special application to send messages, photos and GPS information to other Sonnet users who are nearby.

According to reports, Sonnet has a range of approximately 3 miles, but can reach up to 9 if both parties have a line of sight, such as when the sender and receiver are on top of two mountains. However, if there are more users in the area, the device can use the mesh network to connect people at even greater distances: up to 50 miles in some cases!

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technologies you can't buy
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This innovative project of 2018  recovers the idea of ​​scanning brain waves and monitoring lucid dreams. After several failed projects and scams – like Luci, famous some time ago on Kickstarter -, thanks to a startup called Neuroon, the concept has returned and is better than ever.

This gadget scans your brain waves while you sleep to determine when you have entered the REM phase, at which point a series of lights will blink on your closed eyelids. With a little practice, you can recognize this pattern, realize that you are dreaming and get to have lucid dreams.

Poncho Rumpl Puffy

technologies you can't buy
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The founders of Rumpl have returned to the market with another brilliant idea: a high performance outdoor blanket that works like a poncho.  It is a warm, light and simple transport product, which thanks to its intelligent design allows it to be used more than to sleep in a tent. Sliding the head through the top slot becomes an ultra warm poncho.

On the outside, the Puffy Poncho is made of super premium 20D nylon, which features a water resistant DWR shield. In this way, it is extremely soft and breathable, as well as resistant to rain and stains, preventing the accumulation of odors and bacteria. Its interior contains ultralight synthetic down that mimics the natural, but is lighter, extremely compressible and fully washable.


technologies you can't buy
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Have you ever managed to sleep successfully while camping (at a festival or other crowded place)? Most likely the answer is no, especially because of the heat that builds up inside the tent. Today, creativity puts at your disposal a useful solution: the Ohnana store, designed with special materials that block sunlight and prevent the store from becoming an oven.

All thanks to two reflective coatings that are placed on two separate layers of 170T polyester. According to Ohnana’s team, it allows the tent to reflect the infrared light, which in turn keeps the inside of the store and its inhabitants cool. And not only does it block the heat, it also blocks the strong rays of the morning sun, so you will not wake up rudely with the light in your eyes.

The tent is also equipped with windows for the breeze to circulate. If you do not, you can also use the built-in Ohnana fans, which function as a light source.

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