5 co-workers who make your day a challenge

Both at work and outside of it, we have to deal with people who lack empathy, who do not know what diplomacy means or worse, they do not know about teamwork.

In other contexts, we can always go out on the tangent and flee the situation, but what happens in our workplace? What if our co-workers were like those neighbors or acquaintances we avoided?

Imagine an everyday situation. We walk, immersed in our thoughts, and without coming to tell, a person known (not a friend) advises you. No matter what topic. Surprised and perhaps somewhat offended, you listen but do not hesitate to drop some hurtful sentence in which it is clear that no one has asked its opinion.

But what if that same person were on our side in a work environment? The situation would not be the same. And our reaction either. We would take diplomacy for the common good and ours.

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Managing the different personalities of peers is a challenge. Including ours ** because we cannot start from the base that we are perfect.

1. The One Who Knows All

They are companions who know everything and know everything. Any problem, doubt or issue that arises, they have the answer. The problem is that most of the time their answers are wrong.

It is difficult to be possessor of all the knowledge of this world, nor even of the company. Therefore, before subjects who are allergic to admit, “I do not know”, our only weapon is information. The truth. Avoiding discussions and wasting time.

2. The aggressive and angry with the world

No report is correct. No order is welcome. No partner is good enough to work with you. The protests, the bad mood, the bad manners and above all, the lack of communication will be our obstacles to live with him.

The solution? Be short. Both in the dialogues, as in the meetings (if any) so as not to “alter” them. Do not waste your valuable time and avoid any confrontation will be ideal.

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3. Yes, yes, yes and yes

That fellow who accepts all the work, because it seeks the constant recognition of its superiors. Your weak point? The one that covers a lot … Perhaps our intervention is not necessary, since the quality of the production shines by its absence.

4. Everything will go wrong

These are those colleagues who are always discouraging the team; see the negative side of each situation. His favorite word is: realistic. They tend to reject any proposal just in case it goes wrong.

We can try to consider their points of view. Another angle is never wrong. Even if it comes from someone who takes it for granted that everything will go wrong. We can keep seeing a problem from another point of view, without infecting us with its negativity. What if we urge you to try to see the positive side of life?

5. I love the rumors

It does not matter that it is a trifle. This companion is attentive to any change in the personal life of the rest. And of course, it’s looking forward to sharing it. It supports with nothing. Just morbid and misunderstanding.

We must try to flee with education of these characters. When questioned about a third partner, it is best to offer neutral answers and avoid conversations that can hurt the rest.

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