5 great reasons to start a blog for your business

A blog can be the first step on the road to success for your site. What is it about blogs that makes them an essential addition for any business?

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Boost Search Visibility

Getting your site to rank well on search engines like Google is difficult unless you keep adding pages and quality content over time. The more exciting, well-written posts you have, the more visible your site will become and the greater volumes of traffic will be generated.

Personify your Organisation

While a website is a useful way of providing information about your business to visitors, it can feel a little cold and faceless. A blog lets you inject some all-important humanity into the way your brand is perceived online, both by showcasing the areas of your expertise and passion and by allowing individual employees to shine in the spotlight.

Combine with Social Media

From Twitter and LinkedIn to Instagram and Facebook, social media sites provide businesses with a wealth of ways to engage with consumers directly. Having blog posts to share through these platforms means that more people will be compelled to click through to your site.

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Be sure to consider the type of social media platform you are targeting with each blog post. User expectations are different for each one, and getting the right balance is vital, especially if you want to increase traffic.

Earn Authority

Authority holds a lot of weight online, both in terms of the overall perception of your business and the search rank that your pages attain. A blog lets you demonstrate that authority pro-actively, so working with a web development company in London like https://www.redsnapper.net/web-development-services-london will let you build one that really hits home.

Optimise Mobile Impact

Now that smartphones are being used more than desktop computers to browse the internet, making sure that sites are optimised for portable devices is essential.

This ties in with the aforementioned social media sharability, as you want to be able to offer customers nuggets of content that are simple to consume on the move. A blog is incredibly flexible in this respect, which means you can address a topic and capture the zeitgeist with a post that is carefully tailored to your target audience and avoids outstaying its welcome in terms of length.

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