6 Things to Consider Before You Get a Guard Dog

A guard dog can help keep your home safe from unwanted visitors. However, you need to be aware of some of the potential risks associated with having this kind of animal. The idea behind a guard dog is that it will protect your family and property. This can include attacking if the dog feels its territory is being threatened. There are liabilities and other factors you need to consider before you get a guard dog.

Can You Handle the Responsibility?

You should not think that a guard dog will take care of itself. If you simply get the dog, and provide it no direction, it will get unruly. This is the kind of situation that can be dangerous for visitors to your property. In addition, dog ownership itself carries a lot of responsibilities. You will need to pay for food and medical bills for the dog. Can you afford these things in your budget?

Are There Breed Restrictions Where You Live?

Cities, states, and housing associations often have breed restrictions. This means that you arent allowed to have a certain kind of dog in that area. It doesnt matter if your dog is well-trained. Currently, its quite typical for various organizations to ban pit bulls or German Shepherds. Some apartment buildings will also have size restrictions. Check all regulations before deciding to get a guard dog.

What Happens If Your Pup Bites Someone?

The event of your dog biting someone is one of the worst-case scenarios for having a guard dog. Of course, you want the dog to protect you if someone breaks into your house. But not everyone who comes over is an enemy. Sometimes guard dogs bite friendly visitors. And these people might not get so friendly if they get bit by your dog. You can be held liable if they decide to take you to court. Its a good idea to compare homeowners insurance quotes to see how they cover dog bites.

Can You Commit Time to Training?

You will be much less likely to face a lawsuit if you take the time to train your guard dog. Training it to yield on your command is essential. If your guard dog isnt trained, it might attack an innocent person. Its possible you wont even be able to forcibly remove the dog from the victim. You need to take some time to at least teach the dog some basic commands.

Do You Need a Guard Dog?

This is a question that not enough people ask themselves. Do you really need to get the guard dog? For some people, this will be a definitive Yes. But for many people, there may be better optionssuch as a home security system. While a guard dog lends a sense of protection, they often arent truly needed.

Is There Room in Your Home?

Space is another concern that is too often overlooked by people getting a guard dog. These arent small animals. Many guard dogs will weigh 80 pounds or more. And many will weigh well over 100 lbs. If youre living in tight quarters, you may not even have room for a guard dog.

A guard dog can bring peace of mind to people who are worried about people intruding on their property. On the other hand, they shouldnt be acquired without some deep consideration. Mull over these questions before you decide to get a guard dog.

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