6 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Outdoor Event

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or special event, you know how many moving parts there are to coordinate. Make sure your event goes off without a hitch by following a few simple guidelines.
The Tent

If you’re hosting an outdoor event regardless of the weather, a tent is an absolute must. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional frame tents to pergola tents. They can be customized to any type of event. When choosing your tent, consider adding wall panels and floor panels to create a more stylish atmosphere. Temperature can also be controlled using patio heaters and air conditioners.

Aim for Comfort

When planning your party, take steps to make the outdoor space as comfortable as possible. Use outdoor furniture, pillows, and drapes to create a cozy, intimate feel. You may want to add sofas and lounge seating to the reception area to make sure your guests have somewhere comfortable to sit.

Consider Amenities

Depending on where you’re holding your event, you may need to provide access to restrooms. Portable restrooms have come a long way, and you can easily find luxury restrooms equipped with every sort of amenity. Make sure you have enough restrooms to accommodate all of your guests.

Banish the Bugs

Nothing ruins the party atmosphere faster than a swarm of mosquitoes. Make sure bugs stay away from your party by hiring professionals to provide special event treatment. Special occasion spraying can protect you and your guests from mosquitoes, ticks, and a host of other uninvited insects. These treatments are odor-free, quick drying, and can kill up to 90% of mosquitoes.


To conjure up the perfect atmosphere, high-quality lighting is a must. If you’re aiming for a romantic vibe, hang twinkle lights and paper lanterns from the ceiling of the tent. If shabby chic is your style of choice, consider decorating the tent with Mason jars filled with candles. For a luxurious atmosphere, rent elegant chandeliers and hang them above each dining table. Whatever type of lighting you choose, make sure that your lighting scheme helps your guests to navigate the party. Lights judiciously placed along walkways can help guests find their tables, the guestbook, or the bathrooms.

Food and Beverage

You’d never throw a party without an ample supply of food and drinks. When hosting an outdoor event, however, your menu decisions should be guided by the realities of outdoor event planning. If it’s warm outside, your guests are likely to get thirsty. Keep a steady supply of water and refreshing beverages like lemonade and iced tea on hand. If the weather is cool, brew some coffee to keep your guests warm.

With a little planning, any outdoor event can be a memorable occasion. Make sure you account for the weather, the bugs, and the needs of your guests. Then add a little ambiance and voila: a successful party.

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