7 Factors to Consider Before Buying A Persian Kitten

A Persian kitten is a dream pet for every feline pet lover. Renowned for their glorious manes, the Persian kitten is beautifully a preference for many despite their difficult temperament. However, before buying or adopting a Persian kitten, you should keep the following factors in mind:

  1. The color

They are of different colors and you may not get the kitten with the color of your choice at first. There is a big number of beige and grey kittens and if you wish to own a white one, then your strongest suit must be patience. They also have variable eye colors.

  1. The cost

Well, Persian kittens are very expensive! You must be willing to part with a good amount of money to get this precious pet. Their beauty and uniqueness makes them very valuable and every pet owners dream globally.

7 Factors to Consider Before Buying A Persian Kitten

The shipping costs are also high from the breeders and you might consider developing a good working relationship with the breeders. This is the only way you will secure the kittens into your country of residence (most breeders are international).

  1. Food

Cat food for Persian kitten is specific and will also be determined by their age and weight. The food will have nutrients and scientifically selected minerals suitable for their growth and optimal development.

The food may also come off as expensive and you should consider this thoroughly before settling on a Persian cat as your pet of choice.

  1. Daily care

Your Persian kitten will need a lot of your time. A busybody or an irresponsible person maybe unable to take care of the kittens or cats daily, this is because of their need for daily brushing.

The tender cotton-furred animals must be brushed. Otherwise, fur knots on their bellies or legs will pull off their soft skin.

  1. Bathing

Your Persian cat will need monthly bathing with a possible use of a degreaser. Color enhancers can be used for the feline hair as well as oils and baby powders for untangling knots. Shampooing should also be done. You should therefore keep in mind the grooming costs as well as they will be high and should be included in your monthly budgeting.

  1. Face type

You cannot just say that you want a Persian cat; the one shipped may not be what you thought it was. There are flat-faced and traditional-faced Persian kittens. Your personal preference should guide you when choosing the right kitten.

  1. Nasal and Eye issues

Depending on the shape of the face, your Persian cat may have issues with their eyes and nasal drainage systems. The flat-faced cats have more prevalence of drainage issues compared to the traditional ones that have a rather proper drainage system.

Nasal stuffiness, allergies and colds are prevalent in flat-faced Persian kittens. More information on their health issues and allergies is available on http://www.royalcaninoffers.in/.

In conclusion, your dream Persian cat has many needs and will vary in size, eye color, health, hair color, and personality and is generally an indoor cat. Their grooming needs are high and you may reconsider your decision if you will have kids and dogs running around the house. Keep these in mind when selecting that feline pet.

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