7 Inspiring ideas to apply gradients to your decor

Today we offer seven inspiring ideas to apply gradients to your decor with which you get an amazing effect.In this article of Tiffany-Hines you will find how to take advantage of this technique, and how to apply it in the decoration, either as stamping applied in textiles, furniture, fixtures, office objects or on floors and walls, you’ll see that the result is delicate, original and It brings personality to any room.

The gradient effect on walls and furniture is one of the techniques of decorative painting more beautiful there.If you apply this technique in different colors and materials they can achieve very attractive combinations that will fill your home charm.Moreover, it is a perfect technique to decorate monochromatic spaces to escape the boredom.

Inspiring ideas for decor
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What it is, a world of possibilities?

The gradient technique, also known as technical ombre, ‘Dip DYE’ or dithering is a technique style folk consisting of combining different intensities of the same color in a gradual transition going from darker to lighter tone or vice versa, in the process we see how the color will fade and it becomes more intense, as you have chosen.

The possibilities are endless, since you can use various intensities of the same color and go from lightest to darkest, to combine a color with white, playing with two different colors, or even create patterns of lines or spots fade.

You can also create gradients in horizontal, vertical or zigzag;or find a subtle transition clearly marked … Being a very versatile technique, you can apply on walls and furniture, textiles or decorative objects, and you can also make highly original and personal DIY projects.

Weathered walls

The most colorful way and which get a dramatic change of look for your home is to apply the gradient colors to decorate the walls.To carry out this project must take into account several aspects, the first one: what colors to choose.

If you have a varied color palette it is best in your apartment opt for pastel shades, choose a pastel shade that matches your decor, clarification to reach the target;so you do not conditionals decoration rest of the stay;also transmitted light colors spaciousness, which is useful if space is small or dim.

Inspiring ideas for decor
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If you have a decoration Boho Chic is perfect to wear bright colors, such as a color emerald applied for sponge texture that fades to white.If you are one of the most daring, and have an urban eclectic home and can combine two different colors, make sure there is balance between the two.

There are different ways to apply the gradient on the walls, the easiest way is to create well-defined bands of color, each show a lighter tone than before, but the transition between them is obvious.

To carry out this technique you simply need tape to define color fringing.The smaller the better will be the gradient stripes effect; it is to be adding a little white to each strip until the white.

But if you prefer a more subtle transition, in which the separation between stripes cannot see, then things get a bit complicated.First of all add a first layer of white paint to the paint color that will give later to dry. Then quickly apply different shades of paint and between Gaza Strip and spend a sponge to blur the division on the fringes.

It is best to choose a color that harmonizes with the rest of the space, if necessary just give the personal touch by adding textiles and decorative objects with the same colors that you use in the wall.

Inspiring ideas for decor
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Painted paper

But if yours is not painting, here’s a practical option to achieve the same result in a much simpler way. Apply the gradient on the wall using wallpaper, offering various designs.

The gradient in textiles

The world does not end with weathered walls, there are infinite possibilities, and it is that this technique can bring an original touch to other elements of our home.You will find a wide variety of objects that use it, from tiles, bedspreads, curtains and rugs to lamps, baskets or vases.

Inspiring ideas for decor
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But one element that lets you play with color gradients are textiles, is also a very simple and quick way to change the look of a space.It’s as easy as combining different pieces, rugs, cushions or curtains in different intensities of the same color.

You can also do it yourself with Dip Dye dyeing technique, with it you get a gradient effect in apiece of cloth, which can then be converted to curtains, cushions … involves dipping one of the edges of the textile dye in a bowl.

A very good way to renew the look of your old furniture is using this resource, it is reupholstered with fabrics degraded an old sofa, chair or ottoman; it will appear to have new furniture.

Inspiring ideas for decor
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Customize your furniture with a gradient effect

The colors blur is the ideal resource to give a second life to that old furniture or boring that does not fit the style of your home.You can paint any piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, all drawers painted the same color but each with a different intensity; it is gradually add white paint to the original color of the top drawer.This resource is perfect for decorating a child’s bedroom.

We used to give prominence to furniture that had been forgotten, like an old staircase which creates a color transition painting in shades gradual steps or the bars of the railing.

Although sometimes the gradient is as easy to apply as in the image we see just above where the color transition through the conduct of various furniture.In this case all the chairs are the same color, just a carryover whiter paint and black paint.

Inspiring ideas for decor
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Some art degraded

A beautiful way to add this technique to your home is through art.To achieve this we use the same formula we just have chairs, but apply it to small square canvases that together form a gradient.

To do this we will do the same thing with chairs, pick a color and paint the increasingly white centerpiece with him, right parts will add, and so lighten the tone, and for parts of the left will add increasing more black, to darken this way.Even if you prefer to go faster, a handy option is to buy a sheet made.

Inspiring ideas for decor
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Add color to a monochromatic and boring bathroom

And to finish this post we’re going to the bathroom,a place to find great ideas for using this technique is also ideal to give life to those boring and monochromatic bathrooms.

You are nearly end of this article 7 Inspiring ideas to apply gradients to your decor, we recommend you to keep connected with Tiffany-Hines and read another article: Trends in wedding decoration 2016

A beautiful and innovative way is to put a shower curtain degraded, another is recycling an old stool paint it to match the shades of the bath or painting with a spray a lantern paper, but more shocking, no doubt, is to coat the walls with tiles that create gradients. Original, right?

And with this fun idea to coat the walls with tiles that form a gradient just this colorful post.As you checked color gradients puts a range of possibilities at your fingertips contribute personality and originality to your home decor subtly.

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