7 tips to choose the name of your company

Change dates are coming: start of course, start of new projects and with them a business idea that seems to be a new case of success. But have you stopped to choose a good name? Not only the branding is important, the baptism of our company big or small is fundamental.

With those words, they will recognize us and we will have to compete in the market. It is not a trivial issue, who knows if we are before the start of an umbrella brand and we have not thought about that possibility.

7 tips for choose the name of your company

1) Our name

Sometimes it causes rejection among some people, because they associate a proper name with an excessive ego, but on the other hand, it is practical. A way to let them know that we are talking about us and may be easier to locate.

We must be careful that there is no other company with our name or play with it and find a word that associates who we are with another that generates impact.

2) Easy to spell and pronounce

A name may be exotic and original. But let’s not forget that it’s about recognizing us, not complicating things for future customers, our name must open doors: simple, attractive, sound good and easy to remember.

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3) How it sounds in other countries

There are many cases where a name without pretending, has become an object of derision. It is not difficult to do a little research on what the name means in other countries.

choose the name of your company
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4) A word or two that defines the promise

The Art of Getting Started by Guy Kawasaki, emphasizes that in a sentence must be clear the reason of your project. This can be reflected in a good slogan but also in an attractive name.

5) Stock of Denominations

The issue of starting and registering a name became a slow process, like almost everything that surrounds an autonomous in bureaucratic matters.

The Stock Exchange of Denominations is composed of 1500 names, created from an official list of economic activities, which accredits, through the registration qualification, its non-coincidence with other pre-existing denominations.

6) Got the apps to help

Creativity, something related to thinking, to start our brain but nowadays there are applications that facilitate this process and it might be interesting to opt for the use of some to know our competition in the sector and to check which names are already in use.

7) Turn to a professional

Just as applications can help us, many advertising agencies have professionals in charge of finding the perfect name for your company. Is it timeless? Is it pleasing to the ear? Can it be a good campaign argument?

Our name must be game for the consumer to record in his mind. And these steps sometimes it is better to leave them in the hands of people who have been baptizing companies for years.

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