7 tips to combat mental and physical fatigue

When tiredness takes part in our daily lives, we feel irritated, exhausted and ill-prepared to deal with any problem. Especially in the spring season, fatigue peeps creating many hardships in the mind and body of every person who has to face long working days or strenuous commitments. General fatigue is shown by the acceleration of the heartbeat, loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, colitis or lowering of the immune system, and when this condition becomes constant in the life of every day we talk about chronic fatigue (often associated with mild depression).

The reasons that lead to fatigue are many and to search by following a holistic approach that explores both the appearance physique (physical conditions that prevent us from reacting to a number of commitments) and emotional (when a load of anxiety and worry becomes excessive to be managed from our minds).

The reasons that cause widespread fatigue can be

  • Problems of weight (or too little)
  • Pregnancy
  • Little physical activity
  • Alteration of sleep-wake cycle (no account is taken of circadian cycles)
  • Problems with the thyroid (hyper or hypothyroidism)
  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia

See 7 tips to regain strength and vitality of both physical and mental

1) Power: First you need to feed on fresh, live foods. Then we turn away snacks, processed foods, pre-cooked or processed meats. The power supply must be of Mediterranean style with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds (chia seeds, flax, pumpkin etc). Careful not to introduce too many carbohydrates together: a peak glycemic top is one of the factors responsible for the sense of fatigue and exhaustion after lunch. Also, the health of the liver is an alarm bell that turns on when you have frequent fatigue.

2) Sleep-wake rhythm correct: Most of the field studies indicate that the sleeping hours to achieve an optimal state of wellness range between 7 and 8. It is also important to consider the quality of sleep: an 8-hour sleep interrupted several times due to various factors (bed-wetting, nightmares or apnea) is worse than a deep sleep to five hours. The ideal would fall asleep at 23 on an empty stomach and wake up at 7. Consider sleep as if it were your charger: if you always remove the plug before sleep ceases to recharge, the battery will last less!

3) Take supplements: Thanks to the natural supplement, with Phenylethylamine (PEA), is possible to restore the energy lost, regular sleep cycles and strengthen the immune system. It is a plant that helps the body fight stress, restoring peace and inner virtue, helps to balance the endocrine and reproductive functions.

4) A hint of optimism never hurts: Negative thoughts and negative people who are around us are real thieves of energy. We never noticed that when we feel happy we could climb a mountain or have a good swim without getting tired. Just reverse the curve of our smile.

5) Keep your mind active: A fresh brain, responsive and awake is one of the keys to achieving mental health. Read, do crossword puzzles, riddles or study something you like.

6) Breathe consciously: The breath is with us every second of the day, it is imperative that the air around us is pure and with good quality oxygen. No to environments with smoke and poorly ventilated. When the blood is oxygenated, it feels less fatigue.

7) The practice of Yoga: This ancient discipline is indicated in cases of widespread exhaustion and fatigue accumulated mainly in the transitional seasons (spring and autumn). The asanas contribute to the awakening of the energy centers of the body and practice the sun salutation is a great way to release tension and strengthen the body.

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