Is Your Teen Ready for College

Life after high school brings new changes to the lives of many families. Parents are thrown into the new role of mentoring their adult children. Graduating teens are faced with the decision to attend college or to enter the workforce.

So how do you know If your teen ready for college? To be honest, I’m not sure; I’ve never met your teen before. It’s ok though, I happen to know someone who knows your teen best and can determine if they are ready. That person is you. Read on to learn three simple tips to help you determine if your teen is ready for college.

Is Your Teen Organized / Disciplined?

College is typically the first time most teens move away from home. As we both know, the first taste of freedom is always the most intoxicating. A great way to gauge if your teen is ready for college is to simply see if they are organized and disciplined enough to manage the college lifestyle.

In college, you won’t be there to remind your teen to clean up their room, attend class and take care of themselves. Ask yourself, is your teen organized? Can they handle the pressure of balancing an academic life, a social life, and a work life? Do they have enough mental discipline to attend class when nobody is forcing them to?

Sit down with your teen and discuss the realities of college. Make it clear to them that, in order for them to succeed, it’s going to require high levels of mental discipline and organization. If your teen could use some improvement in those departments, work with them to find solutions. This can be a fun way to bond and you might learn a thing or two!

Do They Know What They Want to Do?

College is perfect for people who know exactly what they want to accomplish with their life. College is also a great way to accumulate unnecessary debt when you attend college without knowing what you really want to pursue. Why? College is expensive; really expensive. A way to determine if your teen is ready to attend school is to see if they know what they want to pursue.

Teens need to have a vision in order to see their path. After all, without vision, you’re blind! Sit down and ask your teen a few questions. What does your teen want to do with their life? What is your teen passionate about? Is a college degree required for your teen to realize their dreams?

These are big questions that will be replied with bigger responses. If your teen has a dream and college can help them achieve it, they should go.

Ask Them

What’s the best way to determine if your teen is ready for college? Simply ask them if they are! Get feedback from your teen to determine if they feel ready. They might say that they are, they might say that they’re not. You know, addressing the elephant in the room sure seems to work wonders!

It’s important to have an open dialogue, as it helps both parties build trust with each other. If your teen does decide that they are ready for college, have them call the admissions team at the university to get the process started. From experience, Many University has a terrific admissions team. Ask your teen if they are ready, it’s the quickest way to find out!

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