Alpine Vision, wonderful reincarnation of the Alpine A110 is here

Today was a special day for the Renault Group, as we consider that today has revived a brand with a long tradition, Alpine. It has done so with the introduction of Alpine Vision, a concept car that anticipates the lines of the new sports model called to commemorate the Alpine A110.

They tell us, the production model will be faithful to this prototype by 80%. We speak therefore of a mid-engine sports car, characterized by rounded forms that clearly reminds the Alpine A110.

Alpine Vision
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In2012, the Renault Group announced the revival of the Alpine brand, which had stopped his prolific activity in 1995. Today, only three years later Renault claims to have everything you need to revive Alpine, both at the product level and at the level of business.

It will do so with a product derived from this Alpine Vision, which will be presented in its final version at the end of this year, to reach the market in 2017. It will be a sporty, pure model called to please the most passionate lovers of sports cars.

So the new Alpine Vision riding a four-cylinder engine turbo centrally positioned. Although we do not know the technical data for that engine, if we have been assured that will accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.

These figures worthy of the best sports cars get them based on lightness and power figure contained a recipe that seems to work in this type of cars, as has been shown with the Alfa Romeo 4C or the new Porsche Boxster 718 four cylinders.

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An evocative aesthetic

The prototype presented today is a perfect reincarnate the original model Jean Redele launched in 1955. The front is marked by two pairs of round headlights on each side of the body.

At the rear, the characteristic shape of the bezel of the original Alpine A110 is maintained in the new model. The X-shaped lights inside mark the taillights, horizontally elongated shape.

In addition, speaking of the interior, we must speak of the cabin because it seems the perfect combination between tradition and modernism. The Alpine Vision shows its modern face with the use of screens like making instruments box right in front of the cockpit.

Alpine Vision
Image Source: Google Image

This modernity is combined with elements of vintage look, such as switches centrally positioned or high central frame where the buttons are located.

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The combination of materials is exquisite: microfiber, aluminum and carbon are mixed with the skin of racing seats with harnesses and these in turn with handles backlit door opening.

Wanting to know the final Alpine

The Alpine final will be presented later this year, but after meeting the prototype Alpine Vision, the fact is it costs us the urge to know, see, touch and try.

It will be a unique, pure sport that fascinates those who are passionate about sports cars car. A worthy again to a brand with so much history as Alpine, which we are still long rivers of ink to write…

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