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It is time for good purposes, and many people seek motivation for sports. Now that I write this article we are in the early years, right after the holidays, with excess food (and sometimes drink) that it implies. Actually, no matter what time of year it is, these tips can help you whenever you’re faltering.

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Make a list of the good things that involves sports

Everyone knows that sport is good for health, but if we let arguments like these generally get little motivation. Take a moment to think that sport is good for you. Sure some reasons are more specific and more reasons than others. Here is a list of possible benefits. There are many more and you have to think about those who are important to you.

  • Have good long-term health
  • To accompany your friends when they go hiking or bike rides without being embarrassed by always go to the tail
  • Impress someone with your great body and be more successful at flirting
  • Able to climb stairs without getting winded
  • Feeling very relaxed after exercise
  • Lose those love handles
  • To load effortlessly with the weekly shopping
  • Have more energy in bed

List your own reasons. You’ll see how quickly the idea of ​​sport becomes more attractive.

Take a prize

The positive things we just list are long-term rewards, but if not enough can think of to give more concrete rewards every time you meet your goal of sport. Have you done the running session you dreams you? Take a drink to celebrate (something healthy, of course). There are even people who get conditional award using the bait and end up creating a positive spiral of effort and reward, which makes them achieve their goals very effectively sport and exercise become a habit.

Make a list of the bad things that entails no sports

If positive motivation does not work, you can try the reverse motivation. It’s not that I like, but some people do better motivated to escape threats running towards opportunities, and therefore appointed him as a possibility. Exercise is the same: to list things they do not want me to pass, as illness, stay flabby, fat, not appeal, setting a bad example to the children and they have feeding problems and things like that.

Ponte a realistic goal

If you want to lose 20 kilos in a month or be able to run a marathon in under three hours with 4-week training course you take it. They are extreme, clear examples, but put them to call your attention to the importance of setting a realistic goal.

Because you have to have a measurable goal. Not necessarily something as mathematical as running 5 kilometers in 25 minutes or X despite kilos, but you have to have something. If you live on the sixth floor, a goal might be to climb stairs do not waste my breath. It is not so scientific but more or less measurable. Like today you begin to notice the effort after the second floor and you just puffing from the fourth. After a few days of training and you will notice as it costs less.

If you do not get an objective cannot really know how to go, and is a way to quickly lose motivation. Playing sports has to be a habit. It is not a mission for the next month or next quarter. It’s something you have to always keep. Get used to get a goal.

What purpose? A distance, duration, number of sessions per week, a number of steps, and some lost kilos, whatever you think is a good indicator for you. The important thing is that after controlling it goes without obsessing.

Find ways of forcing

Motivate is fine, but it just depends on your own will. And we can all be weaker at some point. For that, you can cheat and find other ways to be bound.

  • For some, paying a gym every month is not a sufficient requirement because they want the money spent has not helped. For others, the money argument works both.
  • Engage in public is another strategy. If you announce to your loved ones your firm intention to make sport and helps you ask them what they remember, even when you feel like it. About this little social pressure works for them, others not so much.
  • Going with friends is a good way to be bound. If your friends do every weekend routes or are fond of sports, accompany them is a mixture of pleasure and duty, and it is easier to get motives.
  • Make a bet, if you like gambling and do not like losing, just find someone to go to bet. If you meet your goals you win something, and every time you waver, the bet will not lose one of the reasons that force you to move on.

Buy yourself that will make things easier

Exercise does not have to be hell. If you’re running, you can treat yourself to have more comfortable clothing and footwear. If you go swimming, you can find yourself a swimsuit that you like and so for any sport. Take it an investment. If you feel more comfortable you are more likely to play sports more often, and so you give more use to you what you just bought.

And not because you have to leave. You can buy an elliptical or a treadmill or an exercise bike, or whatever sport that allows you to do at home.

Listen to music

Some physical activities, particularly running, may prove quite boring after a few minutes. But there is a wonderful thing called music, which can help you to pass much better. Not only do you stop getting bored, but if you choose well the songs get extra motivation. In fact, since you’re here you cannot miss the selection of songs to run I put in the blog some time ago.

I do not pretend to have listed everything possible to motivate you to do sports, sure many readers have good ideas to share and invite you to put them in the comments section.

Well … what do you expect to exercise?

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