At the wheel of the Audi R8 V10 Plus, a V10 of 610 horses with some old flavor

In 2007 Audi got into the always difficult segment of supercars with the launch of the Audi R8, a car that in no time the respect of all manufacturers won, thanks to its good dynamic qualities and a design that in its time broke with everything set. 27000 units sold worldwide are the best guarantee of its success.

That first Audi R8 had a 4.2 V8 naturally aspirated engine of 420 horsepower, but its chassis was so good that it was obvious that could accommodate a much more powerful engine. The soon call and ask Lamborghini Gallardo 5.2 V10, an engine that became an adult to first – generation R8. That block is the same as riding the new model, in this version V10 Plus, develops 610 horsepower. An engine that seems brought from the past now that everyone choose turbo charging and downsizing. Do you ride with us in the most powerful and fastest Audi ever made?

The first Audi R8 was groundbreaking for a design that had little to do with the supercar models were on the market for almost a decade. It was an innovative car in every way, both the aesthetic that looked like spacecraft, and by the way it was built. The new R8 is again striking in their lines, and that in terms of design and architecture has many similarities with its predecessor.

Audi R8
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Aesthetically, the Audi R8 V10 Plus test impresses you look where you look. It is extremely low, thanks to the combination of vertical and horizontal details; the car has a very strong presence on the road. Continues to measure long as before, 4.42 meters but grows four centimeters wide reaching 1.94 meters.

The giant 20-inch wheels optional (standard are 19 – inch) at the ends make the R8 has extremely short overhangs, which helps achieve the compact and robust appearance of which we speak and at the same time helps it useful in day to day because you can put it without problem in most car parks without fear of leaving the front nailed to address any outstanding. Besides the tiny front hood chaired by the grill marked Singleframe, the interior in very advanced position leaving the reserved engine 5.2 V10 in a central position make it a theoretically perfect supercar space.

The semi rounded optical first R8 have given way to more rectilinear and sharp, in line with the design of other current Audi models. The first R8 will go down in history as one of the most beautiful supercars in recent times, but this no slouch.

Despite some details that endowed with great personality, like side blades large, the new R8 is a worthy member of a segment where appearance plays a fundamental role. Maintains other details such as the fuel tank cap into view on the right side of the car, in which the R8 logo is displayed.

This Plus version, and develop 610 horses against 540 of the normal version with which it shares engine mounts a fixed rear spoiler made of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber which makes the rear, is undoubtedly the most aggressive of the car, thanks to a specific rear diffuser that seems cut knife and air outlets would want for themselves and queen bees in their hive.

Futuristic, aggressive, flashy equally, this car is a real breakneck wherever he goes, and that the color of this unit, a green matte sometimes looks green and sometimes looks gray, it is not exactly the most striking the huge palette of colors available. The handles to open doors are located at the bottom of the nerve that marks the waist of the car, hidden.

An interior brought the future

The interior is a sight to behold and for the senses. If the exterior changes significantly maintaining the unmistakable traits that identify you as a genuine Audi R8, inside we talk about a completely new car, redesigned from scratch without too many limitations when positioning the elements that compose it.

After opening the door and head down to see the interior, we find an interior that is pure avant – gardism. Two types bacquet leather wrapped seats light – colored signed by Recaro, as clarified in a tiny plaque on one corner, welcome us. The ceiling lined in shearling by rhomboid is one of those details of quality you expect in a supercar.

Then just take a look at the dashboard to realize that everything revolves around the driver, hence controls clumping around the space pilot. Starting with the central tunnel in carbon fiber coated in the back we find the modern rotary knob MMI from which you handle radio, browser, vehicle parameters and other items shown in the Audi Virtual Cockpit.

A lever before the MMI low, short and wide selector, can handle seven – speed S tronic dual impound, as if the command to kick – start a fighter plane. In front, a row of switches on a floating position in this car show that has made a major effort to give it a futuristic look.

A large glove box with lid, in which besides leaving everyday objects can charge mobile phone by induction, and the three control knobs on the temperature, intensity of air and sharing mode thereof replacing obsolete air conditioners agglutinating in a very short space all controls, and quality of all materials and make adjustments to the interior height than expected.

Well, we have seen that the central tunnel has a remarkable importance, but go now with possibly the most revolutionary flyer few have seen and touched in recent years in mundane cars. The wheel of the new Audi R8, together with the Audi Virtual Cockpit is the focus of the interior.

The steering wheel with less typical of Audi of recent times flat part has been redesigned slightly to accommodate four buttons in the lower-middle part. To the right red button start the car, below which a smaller button that lets you enable or disable the sport exhaust mode regardless of the engine in which we are circulating lies. To the left of the largest button is the Select Drive that lets you choose the driving modes (comfort, auto, dynamic and individual), and under identified with a checkered flag Race mode where you can get the most out of this beast of the road.

Blessed glory in V10 version

We’ve talked too static of the car, and this 610 hp supercar was not created to be just static. Press the red start button on the steering wheel and the Beast comes to life. The roar from the motor is so brutal 5.2 V10 with sports exhausts bearing the unit, which seismographs capture the vibrations each time an Audi R8 starts.

Today, while most manufacturers are riding their supercars small displacement engines with turbo charging, Audi continue betting on the “old” atmospheric V10 is wonderful. Driving cars with this type of propulsion is something that will be disappearing, and I dare say that after trying the newest models in this segment, to feel the V10 in hand and had a stale taste to me.

Driving the new Audi R8 city, in addition to an exercise of absolute indiscretion, it is relatively easy. It remains a supercar with certain concessions for everyday use, since the suspensions do not punish excess occupants, visibility is good, skirts allow you to get in and out of the most complicated parking guarantees and also the V10 engine now seems more docile.

The engine is not exactly the same as riding the last Audi R8 we tested the previous generation, that LMX difficult to forget. Now the V10, but its architecture remains intact and continues to rise from around like an angry demon running through hell, mounts the COD system disconnect cylinders (cylinder on demand), which disconnects a row of cylinders in low load conditions.

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Mode comfort and car, the car automatically manages the delivery of power to 610 horses are not too many and not let wrinkled asphalt every time you boot at a stoplight. It also has novelty with the start-stop system that stops the engine at stops to improve consumption figures.

We move away from the urban sections with fixed destination ports in one of our favorite mountain. By the motorway the car surprised by the ride comfort it offers, since only the undulations of asphalt noticeable despite the Recaro seats too does not seem to help cushion the uneven terrain.

One of the keys to that comfort is in suspension Audi Magnetic Ride optional, thanks to the electronically controlled dampers, makes the R8 is valid for travel by road without being a torture for its occupants. The engine is a treat, a toy that lets you do all sorts of pranks and enjoy as a child with every rise of laps.

At low speed the car can give the feeling of something lazy, lazy if you can call a whole weighs 1,555 kilos only. But I think this is part of the infection that are suffering with the arrival of turbocharged engines to superpositions last batch, with power deliveries almost instantaneous from very low revs. As a detail, say that when the car is less than 55 km / h release the accelerator, the transmission disengages the engine to seize the momentum and reduce consumption.

In fact the R8 V10 delivers 560 Nm of torque quite up to 6,500 RPM, but until that regime the engine is very busy and has forcefulness. This is a supercar capable of doing 0 to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds, 0-200 km / h in 9.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 330 km / h.

We arrived at our favorite stretch of curves and fast action begins. Mode Sport selected on the wheel and began to climb the mountain at an insane pace. The feel of shift paddles is extremely fast. Use the system shift -by-wire and that, coupled with the perfect synchrony between the direct-shift gearbox and the new seven -speed Quattro drive system make the first bars are frantic.

I love the feel of the steering wheel with all the buttons, but I admit that the feeling of direction does not seem entirely accurate in these early stages. Something is not right when you feel that does not convey much confidence and information of the road as we would like. Luckily I think everything is a matter of mutual adaptation, because with the passage of kilometers, cornering and braking hurry, that feeling disappears and you pick the confidence to go “to attack”.

The car is perceived much more agile than the previous generation, perhaps helped just because it has been lowered enough weight and that engine and transmission are adapted to current needs. The sound of the V10 engine with dry sump is brutal, addictive and forceful. Is pure music to the ears hear how sports exhausts emit the tune of an atmospheric, pure, authentic and feel V10 how the sound bounces off the mountainsides to get back to us.

The last time he had done that road had been precisely the wheel of one of its closest rivals, the Mercedes-AMG GT. It is true that from 500 horses in cars supercars like these, appreciate differences of power between them is complicated, but it is true that with 610 horses, the R8 runs considerably more than the German star.

Perhaps most interesting is not running again, but runs better as a whole conveys a remarkable strength. In curves no one can move, and much to try to force the issue based steering and accelerator necessary, these optional trouble moving rollers 20 carried by wheels inch beyond drawn.

The quatrain drive system is new in this model, and carries a multi-plate clutch operated electro hydraulically that engages the front axle when necessary. So under normal conditions going with rear – wheel drive, but when it starts to dance, the front axle supports up to 100% power to help you move through the site.

Consumption marking the Virtual Cockpit Audi after an hour of ups and downs on this deserted road is chilling for anyone who is accustomed to the more modern engines. Mark 21 liters per 100 kilometers, but I like that.

Carbon ceramic brakes standard on the Plus version are also two huge kettles that are hidden inside the 20 – inch wheels, effective and indefatigable. One element that should incorporate any R8 that will have a more intensive than usual, as is the case.

In the fast sections I’m surprised downforce. The car seems to stick more and more to the asphalt as the speed increases, thanks to a very elaborate aerodynamics in the wind tunnel that allows in situations of maximum speed generate 40 kilos of support on the front axle and 100 kilos in the back.

In the steepest curves G forces indicator moves like a piranha in a tank, setting a maximum of 1.5G when you go on maximum support. It is a huge force that does not seem to worry the car, which stays true to its path while the engine continues to enjoy perfect thanks to the dry sump lubrication.

Out of the corners, step on the accelerator and feel the engine speed increases laps at a decent pace of high competition is a unique experience, but more so is stretching to the court, which is set very high, at 8,700 RPM. It looks like it will never arrive, but when it does arrive and the piston is moving up and down at a speed of 26.9 meters per second.

Audi has greatly improved the R8, a car that dynamic level never left the top positions in the comparative versus its direct competitors. The new model is more modern and technological, incorporates details that the former did not contemplate as the Virtual Cockpit Audi and a new Quattro all -wheel drive system.

As if that were not enough, in Audi they have opted to improve the V10 instead of developing a new turbocharged engine for your loved R8, and that gives you a level authenticity that cannot flaunt rivals like the Mercedes-AMG GT or the Porsche 911 Carrera. The result is one like few, very balanced effective supercar, exclusive, fast and able to make all heads turn in its path, which is partly what is sought with a car of this level. Good job. To know more review visit

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