The Audi RS 5 is probably the sports sedan of the moment. Has it all a sleek silhouette, flawless manufacturing quality, much-art equipment and outstanding motor.

The RS 5 is a powerful and athletic personality. Its classic and beautiful coupe style is enhanced with new details. The typical single-frame grill Audi has in this model with a diamond lattice carbon finished in a bright tone. Plus Xenon headlights are standard and carry a strip of LED lights for daytime lighting. The oversized air intakes for the engine, front brakes and radiators characterized by the contrast of its contour, and redesigned bumpers end in an appendix at the bottom.

Audi RS5 Coupe
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The bulging fenders with the upper horizontal edges evoke a classic Audi model: the Audi Quattro all-wheel drive pioneer also premiered at the Geneva Motor Show 30 years ago. The molding framing the side windows and the front grille and the exterior mirror housing has a matt aluminum look, and offers eight body paint finishes available.

The rear is dominated by two oval tailpipes integrated into the bumper. A large diffuser protrudes upward. The integrated trunk lid spoiler automatically rises from 120 km/h and returns to pick up the 80 km/h.

The protection for the underbody has been extended in the RS 5 and includes ventilation intakes for the gearbox seven-speed S tronic and the front brakes. A high rate of cruise, the aerodynamic characteristics of the RS 5 generates a downward vertical pressure to improve the stability of the car.

An interior full of elegance and sportiness

However, its body has a very sporty look elegant while the interior is nothing short even less. The sports seats with marked lateral section to fit perfectly to the body are standard and have integrated headrests. They are electrically adjustable and are upholstered with a combination of leather and Alcantara. Alternatively, a bucket-type seat with increased lateral support and folding backrest or other of comfort, luxuriously upholstered and air conditioning are offered. The latter are actually recommended getting a great grip without losing an ounce of comfort.

The steering wheel has the ideal thickness and is covered with perforated leather. The instrumentation takes the black spheres and letters in white with a distinctive scale. When the ignition is switched on, the red needles quickly run through the area and return to their initial position. The information system for the driver incorporates a timer for recording circuit times and an oil temperature gauge. In the optional MMI navigation monitor the initials RS are projected to salute when the ignition is switched on.

On the inside, this is black with inlays in carbon fiber. A sign on the instrument panel stands on its piano finish. The pedals, the footrests and the control buttons optional MMI navigation system shines thanks to its aluminum look. Furthermore, the door handles are formed by two thin strips, a typical detail of Audi RS models.

Aluminum inserts adorn the door sill and RS 5 logos give the interior the sporty tone. The finishes and materials used in the passenger compartment convey very solid and high quality.

Despite having a coupe body, there is enough space in the rear for traveling with a very good level of comfort seats. The trunk has a truly remarkable capacity, as its 455 liters is above what you would expect in a car of this kind.

A delicious engine

Its high-revving V8 engine with a relatively close to the V10 incorporating the R8 super sports performance, has a displacement of 4163 cc. As from not long ago with all petrol engines Audi, it also uses a system of direct fuel injection known by the abbreviation FSI. This same technology led the Audi R8 racing to achieve four wins in the most famous endurance race there, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Furthermore, the common rail system generates a pressure of up to 120 bars.

Tuned tuning of the intake and exhaust systems dual path allow the engine to “breathe fully.” Four variable camshaft adjustments provide the right mixture at all times. The 4.2 FSI pulls strongly from low revs and is in top shape when the counter reaches the top, almost like a racing engine. This engine develops 450 hp at 8250 rpm and transmits its maximum torque of 430 Nm between 4000 and 6000 rpm.

It is a very refined mechanics, with a satisfactory answer in full steering range and a spectacular sound, especially if we are in the highest part of move. Its performance is spectacular, as the drive 4.2 FSI coupe achieves this 1725 ​​kg accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds and reaches a speed limited electronically to 250 km/h. Audi can increase that to 280 km/h on express request.

Efficiency is characteristic of all Audi models and the RS 5 is no exception. The mighty eight-cylinder engine consumes an average of 10.8 liters of fuel per 100 km in normal conditions, which is a much lower amount than consume their main consumers. This impressive figure is achieved in part thanks to the technology used in the modular efficiency platform Audi. The engine and all chassis have been optimized to minimize friction, the oil pump works only when needed and energy recovery system manages storage in withholdings and braking.

A perfect place to enjoy driving change

The box has two clutches and two shafts; both remain continuously active, but only one of them is engaged to the engine. Gears are alternately connected at breakneck speeds through the two clutches, and do so with absolute smoothness and almost imperceptibly.

This transmission S tronic seven-speed, specially reinforced to accommodate the high-revving V8, can operate in two different ways: fully automatic; or through an innovative selector or the paddles on the steering column of the vehicle. At the same time, with the Audi drive select which incorporates the standard car, the driver can choose between three different alternatives operating in automatic mode: auto, comfort and dynamic. In the Launch Control program gearbox seven-speed S tronic ensures flawless acceleration with maximum power and minimal tire slip.

Equipped with four-wheel drive

As with all models, the RS 5 also transmits its power to the road through a system of permanent total traction. The Audi RS 5 presents the latest generation of center differential which regulates power distribution between the front and rear axles: A crown gear differential.

The self-locking center differential with crown gear is compact and lightweight, and to achieve a high degree of efficiency. With its group pressure plates, the differential provides a wider range of variation when it comes to distributing the torque between the front and rear axles. If necessary, it can transmit up to 70% of torque front and 85% rear. 40:60 distributions with which the car is configured for standard operation ensures sporty driving feel.

This new differential works in conjunction with electronic torque vectoring which affects all four wheels. If one of the inner wheels loses traction in a curve when the vehicle is reaching its limits, the system decelerates gently to prevent slippage.

Moreover, as a perfect complement for the new undercarriage Quattro, Audi offers an optional sport differential at the rear axle. This distributes torque between the rear for improved stability and grip wheels when the vehicle is taken to the limit. The electronic management of the RS 5 sport differential is designed for maximum dynamism.

With regard to the springs, dampers, elastic members and roll bars, RS chassis 5 with an active configuration and the ground clearance of the body it is reduced by 20 mm with respect to A5. The equipment of the RS 5 has alloy wheels of 19 inches with 265/35 tires. These tires are designed with an exclusive five-spoke structure. Optionally you can order 20-inch wheels with 275/30 tires.

A chassis that adapts to the preferences of each driver

Its steering servotronic variable hardness depending on the speed is specially calibrated in the RS 5. The Audi drive selects which is standard (a control system of the vehicle dynamics) it allows the driver to select three different operating modes: comfort, auto and dynamic, with which the address is set, the gearbox seven-speed S tronic, the sport differential, engine and exhaust system. And if the car is equipped with the MMI navigation, a fourth mode allows the driver to customize their own profile to your liking by combining different parameters.

With regard to the engine, Audi drive select controls the two valves regulating the exhaust system and butterflies for sound. When they are open, the resounding sound becomes even more resonant.

Along with the sport differential, dynamic steering is another optional component of Audi drive select which adapts the transmission ratio to the vehicle speed and becomes direct maneuvers at low speed. Within the limits of rotation of the drive it is automatically guaranteed a smooth handling with less movements’ hand wheel.

With all this technology in the menu frame, we found an efficient car that, despite having a rather heavy weight (1790 kg), the Audi hatchback coupe boasts a surprising agility, plus a drive ability that allow us to go to a really fast pace without the heart beats increase. In this section, we are facing the best in its category selected.

We do not want to forget the brake system, which features internally ventilated discs powerful measuring 365 mm in diameter on the front axle. For maximum heat dissipation, the steel friction rings are perforated and connected with small points to aluminum brake discs. The striking black brake calipers with the RS logo are also made of aluminum. The front has eight pistons each. In Audi the option of incorporating carbon brake discs-ceramic front axle with 380 mm diameter are available. These are extremely lightweight, strong and resilient. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) has built a sport mode and can be switched off completely.


Besides all the available equipment, which is very large, can be included on request really exclusive elements such as dark mesh inserts stainless steel, black piano finish or brushed aluminum. You can also request special seats with leather upholstery in different colors and letters in silver. As a complement, the Audi exclusive RS program offers options such as suede-coated additional controls and carpets with RS logos. A carbon package for the engine compartment and the body is also available, along with other exterior finishes in black or matt aluminum look.

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