Bang & Olufsen launches the new BeoVision Avant NG, betting on Android TV as operating system

In the world of televisions, we are witnessing a constant evolution and what yesterday was “the last”, a few months later seems to be old. We speak of sizes, with common diagonal today that a few months ago were residual, but also talk about the inclusion of the latest technology.

Brands strive to equip their products with the latest and in this sense the latest release to hit the market is a new TV signed by the manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, which presents the new version of its BeoVision Avant, now with NG nickname.

A model that comes to happen to the first version was launched back in 2014y now updated with new features among which is the adoption of Android TV operating system, the support for Chromecast and Bluetooth connectivity in the remote.

Bang & Olufsen
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Regarding the design will find few changes, just a new (“brass” color version the new collection manufacturer), in which the other elements as a base and base remain unchanged.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant already stressed at the time by being the first model 4K UHD resolution TV Company, betting now with the model Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant NG by a new, Android TV operating system.

The operating system of green robot thus reaches TVs Bang & Olufsen, which brings with it the logical and expected change in the user interface and especially access to applications and compatible games that we find in the catalog of Google Play, Thus enhancing this model as a multimedia home center.

Along with the adoption of Android TV must also appreciate the support which now has the BeoVision Avant NG for Chromecast , so that makes it easier to share with the TV all the content we have on our smartphone or tablet.

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The new BeoVision Avant NG uses an LCD Ultra HD panel with LED backlight, finding the model’s size, with a diagonal of 85 inches added as is “Local Dimming 2D” which improves the contrast and achieve some blacks Intense

The other big news is the inclusion of BeoRemote BT, a remote control but instead of making exclusive use infrared so we have to aim the TV to interact, connectivity features, as its name indicates, via Bluetooth. This improves the interaction with the control if for some reason we can not have access to the infrared connector.

The BeoVision Avant also includes technology NG “Immaculate Wireless Surround” thanks to which you can connect wirelessly BeoLab speakers and to achieve a system multiroom. A system that allows the use of audio without compression with a minimum delay and in up to eight loudspeakers simultaneously.

With three models (55 inches, 75 inches and 85 inches) in the catalog the differences between them come in some ways. Thus the “smallest model” 55 – inch has a motorized floor stand that gently lifts the TV when turned on while the other two models feature a rotating stand. Also in all three models we find a common function and is that when the TV is off the speaker is hidden, sliding down when it is turned on.

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