Battlefield 1, the birth of total war

If anything the gaming community had long been calling for is the return of the great wars of the FPS; that gender resume the First or Second World War, among other things, try to get the best out now that technology allows more realistically represent and showmanship.

It is a car that EA has decided to get on with ‘Battlefield 1’ by reference to World War I , in this case, for joy and gladness staff. In fact, he says he had to spend the first trailer twice during the presentation of the game in May due to the enthusiasm of the audience.

A curious fact: the last time based on EA launched a World War game was in 1994 with the air combat simulator ‘Wings of Glory’.

Battlefield 1
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What tells us Battlefield 1?

Despite having the “1” at the end of the title, this is the fifteenth installment of a person born in 2002 with the legendary saga ‘Battlefield 1942’. And in this case it is enough of what we saw in the past in the development of the story titles away because there will be a single protagonist with whom we are going to fight from start to finish.

On why its developers decided to put this name to the game, the producer Aleks Grondal said the following in an interview:

We wanted to portray the birth of total war. That is what this franchise going. It has been so since Battlefield 1942. We also wanted to say that this is the genesis of modern warfare. We thought it was an appropriate title.

The campaign ‘Battlefield 1’ consists of five chapters not connected together, each starring a different character. That is, it offers five different perspectives by five soldiers of different nationalities that give the game a certain dynamism and variety. We shall fight in France, England, Italy, Turkey and Mesopotamia. In the latter location, close attention, under the leadership of Lawrence of Arabia.

As usual in the series, the multiplayer ends up being the core of the game

On the other hand, there is a prologue set in France whose mechanics is different from that of other war stories. In it we not control a single soldier, but we will have to die and go jumping from one soldier to another within the battlefield. an experience.

Ultimately, what that tells us ‘Battlefield 1’ is not a closed story, but different times of the First World War that live on the skin of all types of fighters: A tank driver, an airplane pilot or a messenger are some from them.

A big multiplayer

As usual in the series, and regardless of the length and quality of the campaign in each of their deliveries, the multiplayer ends up being the core of the game. It is there, at different online modes where we end up throwing hours and hours looking for the perfect getaway.

‘Battlefield 1’ offers the following modes:

  • Conquest: It certainly is the most popular mode of the saga. In this case, you may be cited up to 64 players per game in an attempt to gain control of the key objectives spread across the map.
  • Domination: Basically a scaled down version of Conquest mode where you have to gain strategic goals and fighting at close range.
  • Operations: In this way we will go through different maps based on real battles of World War I and can exercise attackers or defenders. As attacker we go for the defensive positions of the enemy on foot, tank, airplane, boat or horse. We will win if we can capture up to the last sector of the last map. On the other hand, as defenders will play using machine guns and stationary guns to attack the advancing enemy. We will win by eliminating enough enemies to undermine the battalions.
  • Assault: Here the attacking force must find and destroy the telegraph poles defenders, meanwhile, can use to request artillery attacks. As advocates we can repel the attackers disarmed the explosives placed enemies. If the posts are destroyed we go back to another sector. The attackers win the battle if they destroy all positions telegraph all sectors. Proponents expire if they get exhausted reinforcements attackers or is at least one position telegraph intact when time runs out.
  • Doves of War: In this mode, enemies sides compete for using carrier pigeons to request artillery barrages on the enemy. When the game starts, the first pigeon will be located somewhere on the map. It must be found before the enemy and bring it to a safe location in the open. There will touch write a message and send to request artillery support. After sending the message, it will rain on the enemy artillery. All right.
  • All against All Team: This mode is the most straightforward of all, because basically it is to achieve the highest number of casualties per team. Just leave the battlefield and shot bundling all trying not to die a lot.

They may seem few when compared to other similar titles including modes and online modes, but considering that the maps here are very large, that the items can be 32 vs. 32 and there are many weapons and other vehicles, the truth it is that they are more than enough to spend hours there.

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Classes, vehicles and weapons

On the other hand there are also developments regarding the different soldier classes we can choose, since they have included specific kinds of vehicles. Here are all:

  • Assault: Features explosive devices to combat vehicles, making this class the best to deal with everything that rolls, flies, surf or do anything other than walk on two legs. It is also the classic melee specialist.
  • Support: Provides continuous fire to liquidate or immobilize the enemy. Their weapons are ideal for medium or short range and usually has a high rate of fire, allowing you to launch a continuous stream of projectiles especially want to freeze. You can also resupply peers or help protect positions.
  • Medical: Not need much introduction. If someone needs help, your doctor will be given. In addition he knows repairing vehicles and medium – range weapons carried.
  • Explorer: The typical sniper to knock down enemies at a distance. You can also use your fingertips and devices to provide recognition to the computer, monitor the area and indicate the locations to other colleagues.
  • Pilot and pilot tank: These classes allow you to change the kit or medical support to play as pilot or pilot tank. When you enter a tank or plane, the vehicle will be your main weapon and dedicate exclusively to that role, you will not be a mere soldier assault piloting a biplane of pure chance.

Surely, anyone found in any of these classes your ideal playing style. From there you can continue configuring each class with other weapons and upgrades, there is no excuse not to immerse yourself in a battle.

To all this must be added the variety of vehicles and weapons. We have all kinds tanks, several aircraft models and horses. The horses in multi-player work really well. They allow us to move quickly from one point to another, but also shoot guns and even use a sword for close range attacks.

As for weapons, DICE has prepared six different categories:

  • Shotguns, ideal to attack the enemy at close range
  • Sub-machine guns, that we provide rapid fire short – range
  • Light machine guns, what you want if you want to fuss Mid-range
  • Semiautomatic, powerful but balanced
  • Sidearms, the perfect choice to get out of trouble
  • Sniper Rifles, which I think we know what behave. Perfect for, cowering, eliminate enemies located at great distances.

Each weapon has three default settings and to customize and adjust to our style of play, ‘Battlefield 1’ also includes predefined for each weapon equipment. This means you will not need to add hundreds of additional accessories, but the task has been simplified for convenience.

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