Buying a used car: 10 tips for buying the best

Want to change your car without spending too much? You can orient yourself to a used car. But how to choose safe?

You’re here because you want to save. You have already made a car compared online and you are getting the right insurance at an affordable price. Now you just have to buy a used car. Sometimes changing car is a necessity and the reasons are various: the family grew, you changed jobs and you cannot use the means or because your four wheels are so old that, you are about to pay the insurance for the car historical.

Buying a used car has many benefits, now more than ever thanks to the development of online sales portals that allow the driver to inquire about aesthetic and mechanical features for less money than a new vehicle. But it’s not easy, you know? For many, it means continuous headaches, endless searches, holes in the water. Sometimes even outright fraud. It happens when you do not know where to look and who to ask.

Risky or convenient it is, the purchase of a used car requires some tricks regarding practices. Here is a list of tips to put into practice when you decide to purchase a used vehicle.

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Buying a used car: 10 tips for buying the best

Private or dealer?

This is the key question: better to buy a used car from a dealer or from a private individual. Tracking down the dream car is not so impossible. The numerous online platforms not only allow you to peek through thousands of offers by comparing even the same model of car, but also have a direct contact with the seller.

Buying from a private has its economic advantages: usually, the car’s price is lower than that offered by the dealership, but you have to be much more careful. Take all the time necessary to evaluate the vehicle, make pertinent questions the use and history of the medium.

Buying a used vehicle from the dealer, which adheres to the used and tested method can be much more reassuring. The used car dealer like Fort Lauderdale Collection ensure the risk is less and it guarantees more offers with easy to find used cars. By law, the dealers that sell used cars must ensure the means sold at least for at least one year after delivery. Repairs of faults and in the worst cases provide for replacement of the car are covered.

Web portals for the sale of used cars

The websites, thematic or generalise, allow you to sell and buy a used car from the comfort of home. The potential from online offers are varied: some depend on the chosen platform, another user that inserts the announcement. It ranges from observing the car in every detail all make targeted searches (model area, year of registration, etc.).

Portals are the windows updating 24h / 24h, which provide the first point of contact with the seller to be contacted later for purchase in a classic way. Attention because of fraud attempts are on the agenda, as is the case for the real market: the board is to see altar well the tender submitted and stay away from “window dressing”. If a proposal seems too convenient, forget it because it could be of yet another scam.

Fort Lauderdale Collection
Buying a used car: 10 tips for buying the best

But no more talk, here are some precautions that will make you sleep soundly

1. Real needs

The first step useful for those who want to buy a used car is to have a clear idea of the real needs. You cannot look in the section dedicated to off-road more challenging if the journey is what you do to go from home to the football field, and you cannot search ads between built cars if budget is that of a Fiat 500. respectable car, both clear.

The point is another: do not waste time to read and evaluate ads unrelated to your actual need. Define a budget and precise focus your searches to the ads and dealers that can meet your needs. Buying a used car is an art, but the base is pure pragmatism.

2. Power: Which do you prefer?

An additional filter to direct your choice is power. There are petrol cars, the hybrid models, those with natural gas, the LPG, and diesel. Depending on your needs set the search: useless to waste time between CNG cars if you only have diesel, just in your mind? Maybe you can think of an electric car, but as said earlier, your transportation needs determine the energy source you choose.

3. How many kilometers?

Before you buy a used car you have to check the actual number of kilometers path. This is because the odometer can give right information, but can also be modified and adapted to just clear intentions of the former owner. An odometer tampering is difficult to unmask, why you always ask for the coupons and documentation of maintenance performed in the past. The ultimate test, however, comes with careful control of the mechanics.

4. Control mechanically

This is the critical step for those who want to buy used cars. You cannot trust and buy a car with your eyes closed. But above all, you cannot settle for coupons: your mechanic has to rummage around in the engine, including the suspension, and behind each tube body. It must be all clear, clear, clear. It starts from good health to the electrical system oil leaks, to reach the critical points: pistons, cylinder heads, gearbox, shock absorbers. If the mechanic shakes his head there’s something wrong.

5. Test Drive

Last step to evaluate the technical part: the test drive. At first glance, they seem a good used car and the mechanic has given a positive opinion. But you tried it? Take a ride along with the mechanic to evaluate noise, braking, suspension and smooth shifts. This will give you an even clearer idea of the vehicle you are buying.

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6. Bureaucracy

When buying a used car you have to verify a set of data. The mechanics are important, but also the bureaucracy can hide difficult problems later. Before then it is essential to check:

  • Plate;
  • Chassis number;
  • Engine number.

These codes must match those listed in the booklet. You should also make an analysis of the entire history of the vehicle: just query the PRA, the public vehicle registration, to have the chronological extract.

7. Incentives for used cars

When you consider purchasing a used car, you have to pay careful attention to incentives: you can scrap your old car. There are funding? Before buying informed, but also looks for data and any concessions for the model you have chosen. If it recently might be more beneficial to buy a new car.

8. Affordable too Ads

This is an old story, but it always does damage. There are ads, there is an opportunity, the car seems perfect and freshly painted the go to pick up … And it is a bin. The first advice is this: use common sense, always. What are you hidden behind a unique opportunity? The price is very low and conditions are convenient? Well, read more this ad and not let the primal impulse buying prevails over rationality.

Haste is a bad counselor and a bit of time available you can cross the data collected from your online activities with those of research online to get the best result possible. Of course, before you close the deal you have to touch the quality of the car.

Again, the rules I mentioned (especially the mechanical control), but your focus should always be maximum. Sometimes it’s a deal, sometimes it’s a scam. Have you had similar problems? The jurisdiction of the Justice of Peace related to the residence of those who buy the cars.

9. Check your car

Are you finally going to buy a used car and it seems that everything is in order: the documents are there, the money is available, the category is right for you. However, before giving the final okay you must ensure that you do not hide problems. Here are some basic controls:

  • Body: The car has scratches, dents, abrasions?
  • Frame: Take a look under the car is to discover secrets.
  • Is paint in good condition? Is it opaque with time?
  • Engine: Everything is in order? There are losses?
  • Interior: Steering wheel, floor mats, seats, dashboard …
  • Glass and lights: There are cracks? The lights work?

These elements allow you to haggle on the price and prevent the emergence of problems difficult to solve in the future. To be sure, there are hidden surprises, you should inspect the car along with your mechanic.

10. What are the most used cars sold?

Following these tips, it seems right to take a look at the habits of the Americans when it comes to buying a used car. Here on The Collection Miami, you will find used cars most sold in America.

There are so many issues to consider, you will find the fields to define, through a scale from 1 to 10, each characteristic of the car. Therefore, when you have tried several models, you can make a mathematical evaluation and choose the best way possible.

Fort Lauderdale Collection
Buying a used car: 10 tips for buying the best

How much to pay for a used car?

Choice of buying the car, it is very easy to determine if the price asked is fair. With the model and year of registration on the hand trying, online or in trade magazines, the vehicle’s market price. These express the value in dollars – excluding the change of ownership – of a vehicle registered for the first time in the year or in the semester indicated by the seller.

The market value of the medium takes into account certain characteristics such as actual mileage equal to the standard (established in function of the market segment, brand, time of year, etc.). Standard equipment, mechanical and electronic components working perfectly, regularly performed and documented coupons, body and interior in good condition (conforming to the age of the middle), tire tread at least 50%, absence of major road accidents and membership in the midst of one owner, the mileage and the possible presence of accessories (ABS, alloy wheels , ESP, air conditioning , etc.).

Fort Lauderdale Collection
Buying a used car: 10 tips for buying the best

Warranty on the purchase of a used car

For this issue we have to distinguish, once again, buying the dealership from the private. Buying a used vehicle from an authorized dealer guarantees the buyer a legal guarantee of conformity required by law for two years.

This type of guarantee does not assume that the vehicle is in perfect condition, but the buyer knows the actual conditions at the time of the sale.

Buying a vehicle from a private, however, does not guarantee any insurance coverage. It may happen that the vehicle, when sold, is still covered by the original warranty, and it will remain valid until they expire.

Buying a used vehicle, perhaps as a first car for a young driver, it is certainly cheaper and cost of a new medium. The investment required is less, but can the same be required financing.

By purchasing from a private, you can request a loan to your bank or a finance company. Unlike dealerships can offer, thanks to business relations with financial institutions, the proposed installment payment specially built for the customer.

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