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The 5 Rules of Engagement (Rings)

Going engagement ring shopping? Congratulations! But make sure that sparkle is on point before you buy. Here are our top five rules to help you pick the perfect rock: 1. What’s Your Honey’s Style? Traditional, Eclectic, Somewhere In Between? Couples … read more

How Do Fashion Trends Happen?

Fashion trends have come and gone over the decades. Nowadays, they seem to appear out of nowhere. Digital media has emerged as a major player in how fashions of the day emerge. It used to be a more predictable path, … read more

Heels: 10 models to match

The shoes with heels are the standard of female beauty, slender silhouette and offer a sensual performance. Socket, classic court shoes, with or without plateau and with asymmetrical neckline: each of these models requires an appropriate outfit to every situation, … read more

Fashion Meets arts and Jewelry

Throughout history, ornamentation in the form of jewelry has crossed all barriers. Worn by the elite or the common, rich or poor, male or female, jewelry has been used to express one’s personality and personal view of the world. Whether … read more