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What Makes an Engaging Office Space?

Workspace Design’s Importance Goes Beyond Décor We spend the most amount of time in our offices, so it is no surprise to discover that the space in which we work affects us mentally. Nobody is suggesting that company owners and bosses should get the interior designers in before they start to hire staff, but certain …


What To Do When the Tree Falls on You

You warned your neighbor about that tree during the summer, but he wouldn’t listen. You had a passing thought about the heavy winds whipping the branches loose, but it left as quickly as it crossed your mind. Perhaps that is why when you heard the crashing sounds and felt your home shake, the last thing …


The Highest Paying Jobs in Hollywood

The film industry is one that many people dream of getting into. There are several jobs available in Tinseltown. People from all walks of life can find success here given enough hard work and determination. Some of these jobs can be quite lucrative. Here are a few of the highest-paying positions in Hollywood.