Choose a low cost vacation

Everyone wants to get away. However, the cost of a vacation can be sky high. This is one of the reasons why staycations are becoming popular alternatives to the traditional vacation. Staycations save a ton of cash by eliminating travel and making your hometown the vacation spot. Many people don’t realize how much of a vacation budget goes into gas and travel. The staycation puts that money back in your pocket.

No More Gas
Gas prices are sky high. Imagine what you’d be spending to drive to a vacation spot out of town. The round trip cost would easily be hundreds of dollars. The staycation puts that money back in your wallet by making your hometown the vacation spot. The most you’ll spend on gas is a few dollars to get across town to that nice hotel. Plus, you won’t need to spend extraneous money on horse trainer insurance.

You Save Time
With travel comes time. It not only cost you gas to travel, it costs you time. This is time not spent at a hotel or some relaxing vacation spot. This is time spent on the airplane or in the car. In other words, you have to wait for your vacation to start. Staycations let you start your vacation almost immediately. The longest you’ll spend in your car is the half hour or less it will take you to get to your hotel. The added time extends your vacation in addition to letting you get a head start.

Ther’s More Money for Entertainment
The money you save on gas and travel makes room for more big-ticket entertainment activities. You may want to take in a professional basketball game or concert. You may even want to go to that new 5-star restaurant across town. Suddenly there’s room in the budget to do these things.

The staycation allows you to affordably vacation in your own town. You eliminate the money spent on gas and travel and add a ton of time and money back into your vacation fund. All these factors extend your vacation and allow you to do more of the things you really want to do. You get to spend your money on the fun things instead of the practical things, like gas and travel. If your family is low on time and money, don’t skip your vacation. Opt for a staycation and stay in town and have some fun.

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