Choosing your wedding invitations?

Invitations are the face of your celebration.The ceremony style and personality as partner should be represented on the cards.

How to achieve the perfect invitations?

To find the ideal design:

  • First of all they should think about their characteristics as a couple: if they are traditional, multicultural or seek new things. If they will adhere to conventional rules or try to innovate.
  • Decide if you prefer to print cards or if you want an electronic invitation:

On the one hand, printed they require a larger budget;however, deliver physical invitation is a very special gesture, many guests will keep them as a souvenir.

Wedding Invitation
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But on the other hand, are the electronic cards, which can be found for free and designs are interactive and quick to make.If you choose this option should ensure they have the correct emails to all your guests and consult them regularly.

  • You must not forget to provide all data from the ceremony and reception.Enter the exact address and a map if possible.You can print small cards with this information and place inside the invitation.


  • An invitation to a wedding can become a work of art.You can ask a designer or an artist friend to draw a card together. Forget the rules of the past, be as creative as they can.

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Thank you notes

Thanks gestures are as important as all the wedding and can be of different types:

  1. Custom written notes are small cards with their names printed on the corner.It is handwritten and the text specifically targets the guest.
  2. Universal Notesare pre-printed cards with texts.Facilitate process requiring only labeled, however, they are more impersonal.
  3. Electronic notes:You can write personalized notes or seek universal cards on some website and send themby email.


Think of your guests, surely there is much diversity.

And they can use social networks to send greetings thanks, you can also use conventional means such as telephone;our dear grandmother or favorite uncle can call or go visit.And we can bring a box of desserts, there are no rules.No matter how, just do it.

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