Coloured vs Black and white ads – Effective Marketing Techniques

The business must have to do extensive promotions to stay up in this highly competitive field. Everyone have their own ideas to promote the business in extra ordinarily by investing more amount of money. The ideas are not enough to survive for a long run and the creativity is very much important to attract your business audiences.

In olden days the advertising of products is very different. The entire advertisement is covered in the newspaper so that the people can easily reach the business and they can able to get more profits equally. Not only through newspaper they also create posters, printing pamphlets and the business persons tried to enlarge their business to next level through promotions.

The marketing techniques are very interesting. It has both advantages and disadvantages. The technology has been improved dramatically and it ease the work of marketing in this busy schedule among peoples. Now anyone can promote their products or services through any medium so that they can easily join the hands of the people. Many promotions strategies have been introduced and the most important one is social media. The social media is ruling like a boss in this independent competitive marketing field.

There are so many social media and the peoples are very much attached to the smartphone than his family. Everyone spending a lot of money in smartphones only because of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. In this current trend the peoples are getting bored with the advertisement. The advertisement which is displaying in television is not much attractive so the business peoples are so much worried about their marketing techniques.

The promotions strategies are very different among every business. For example, the foil printing in Sivakasi has to be followed different techniques to earn more profits among the competitors. Similarly, the fashion business need to follow several ideas to promote their products/services. The color is the most important one for advertising the products so that you can grab the attention of the easily through various colors.

Our world is filled with colors. Coloured and black white are the most common thing used in advertisements for promotions. The people will love the colors but some people may also like black white pictures. Despite the millions of colors that surround us, some advertisers insist upon running black and white ads. The black and white ads are visually appealing than color ads. But we can find the perfect content clearly in black and white ads.

The impact of color choice for your business is very important and it has to be very effective and easily capturable for your audiences to engage with the business. As the researchers note, Perception research indicates that whereas black and white imagery directs attention to global form and shape, color directs attention to constituent detail. The coloured ads are more actionable and we can gather information easily while visiting the store or visiting the company website. Color ads are especially effective at targeting women, who make up the largest consumer demographic.

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