Cool summer sports to help beat the heat

Summer is a great time to get active and try your hand at some cool new sports. Whether you prefer being in the pool or in the garden, here is a roundup of five great new sports to try when the weather heats up.

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Also known as underwater hockey, Octopush has a long and illustrious history dating all the way back to the 1950s. All you need to get started is a weighted puck and that snorkel and fins from the back of the cupboard, and theres an official British Octopush Association if you want to find out more about organising a game.


This is the ideal game for the garden this summer, with relatively low startup costs – four identical tables and a tennis ball – and plenty of cool cachet for those who are bored of ping pong. You score points when the ball – or loach – hits the tables, other players, or even random outside elements known as X Factors.

Blind soccer

If youre interested in developing insane dribbling skills, you might consider giving blind soccer a go. Youll need a face shield that completely covers the eyes and a special ball with a loose ball bearing that rattles as it moves across the pitch. Blind football is fast and furious and gives you the same intense workout as a five-a-side game. Its a great game for younger players to sharpen their skills, so invest in some Junior Football Kits from an online retailer like and start your own league!

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Circle-rules football

This is the new kid on the summer games block and one of the least expensive to set up. All you need is a giant gym ball and a goal, along with two teams that are willing to try to get the crazily bouncing gym ball across the line into the same goal by whatever means necessary. This is silly and super fun!


For fans of Harry Potter, weve saved the best for last. With elements of rugby, tag and dodgeball, this is a great summer game. Even though you dont get to actually fly around on a broom, this game is plenty of fun. You can transform a few everyday balls and hoops into a truly magical game that everyone will love!

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