Cosy Up in your Living Room this Winter

If youre looking to make your living room cosier this winter then here are some great ideas. When it gets cold outside, theres nothing better than snuggling up in a warm, welcoming space and there are loads of ways to make this happen with clever tweaks to your furniture and furnishings.


Think about warming colours such as golds, mellow yellows, ochre, terracotta, scarlet, olive green and oranges. The secret to providing a cosy feel is to avoid light colours such as pink, violet, white and cream or items made from pine or maple. These warm colours can apply to ornaments, dcor, soft furnishings or paint.

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Nothing says warm and homely like an old-fashioned fireplace. If you dont have a chimney or gas supply then you can install heaters with a real-flame appearance. For the perfect winter focal point, think about the wonders of having a free-standing wood burning stove. You cant beat the real thing and not only are they money-saving when it comes to energy bills but are better for the environment too. For Defra Approved Wood Burning Stoves, visit


The best winter lighting should be kept soft and warm with the use of soft tone lightbulbs in yellows and orange hues. Avoid harsh white glares but instead opt for floor lamps to provide interesting mood lighting behind key objects of furniture.

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To make your furniture more inviting, avoid placing it in angular and formal positions. Try to aim for a flowing, circular movement and dont push furniture back against walls. Pulling seats forward and arranging around a focal point like a fireplace makes a welcoming, cosy atmosphere, great for family time or socialising.

Soft Furnishings

Cosy means something you can sink into. Soften things up by adding throws made from chenille, fake fur or mohair. This works particularly well if you have hard backed chairs or a cold leather sofa. Scatter cushions will benefit from being covered in materials such as velvet, suede, wool or heavy cotton. Avoid shiny, satin materials that will feel cold. If you have a wooden floor then lay a thick, plush deep pile rug to keep feet warm and comfy when walking around. Changing your curtains to a heavier material will also add a touch of luxury and keep out any sneaky draughts.


You might not think that smells could make a home feel cosier but a few candles with woody aromas like eucalyptus or fir will being a lovely fresh, wintry smell into your living space. Warm smells also include orange, berries and spiced aromas.

Draught Excluders

These were a common sight a few decades ago but with our modern homes being so well insulated and centrally heated, you dont see so much anymore. They make for a super cosy feel though, even if you have one just for appearance. They come in all kinds of styles and colours or you can easily make your own with an old pair of tights and some soft filling.

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