Creativity as a requirement for any job

Your company will be called Google, Apple, Microsoft but you should always, be creative employees in your company.

While some HR managers will not pay special attention to creativity as a key to pass a recruitment factor, the assessment should be required. People who develop a high degree of creativity usually offer many benefits for a company. Therefore, any employer should take precedence over being creative to have studies.

An example: Ana is a cleaner in a department store, and therefore its task is highly mechanized. Ana devotes eight hours to conduct strictly how and when tasks are assigned, and their superiors do not appreciate your work. She has never had the opportunity to study, and was also unable to careers in what would have worked, therefore, it has been dedicated to such a worthy profession as being cleaner. One day, the company receives a candidate who can perform the same functions as Ana for $500 less than her. The company is in full restructuring of the staff to cope with the fierce competition in a year has managed to snatch a 10% market share. Then they decide dismiss.

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What happened?

It’s simple, to have Anne of cleaning company not seen as a direct benefit. Ana has become an expendable worker.

What if Ana was creative?

Imagine a cleaner who instead of devoting itself to strictly their functions will seek to do the same job in the shortest time possible, that is, create a technique of innovative cleaning was in tune with the image of the establishment, and over, reduced the costs.

That cleansing would not be a used, would be part of the value chain. And if you become part of the value chain in a company, I guarantee you will find it hard to part with you.

What if I am not a creative person?

Everyone is creative. Choose the furniture for your home is part of creativity, wrap the gifts in boxes and put him roles within to look like another gift is part of creativity, make a nice hairstyle to not look like the “other” at a wedding is part of creativity, think of a fascinating idea to propose to your partner is part of creativity. And I could go on saying no implication tasks associated with being creative people, and in which we made use of our creativity.

So we could say that all employees are creative to some extent, and it is up to the managers to focus their creative vision to the company. In addition, the highest within the organizational hierarchy posts should be occupied by very creative people, and also knows channel their creativity to lead others, helping in building a corporate philosophy that rewards open innovation. In other words, a top should be a mentor to subordinates.

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In any case, it is up to the company to learn to retain their own creative.

Since I read an article which interviewed Laszlo Bock, Director of HR at Google, saying, “The transcript is useless, the people who succeed in college, is a type of people specifically trained to succeed in that environment. One of my frustrations when I was in college is that he knew that the teacher was looking for a specific answer. You can limit yourself to figure it out, but it’s much more interesting to solve problems for which there is no obvious answer. You need people to you like finding things for which there is no obvious answer. “And such people, says Bock, which is not usually successful in college, where the best strategy to take good notes to know that often ask the teacher in question,and what kind of answers are hoping to find on a test.” I raised many questions, one of which was:

How creativity can affect any job?

Generally a large number of job rewarded studies before other qualities of workers, big mistake.Countless times I’ve been told you cannot compare the recruitment process still in Google and values ​​that reward, with recruitment processes within SMEs. Forget about the sector, company size, bureaucratic barriers or internal needs you may have Google, dedicate yourself to make a SWOT analysis of the latest additions to your template to remove the experience factor in making the comparison with having employees creative regardless of their studies.

Why not copy what works for them the best?

With that doubt began my study. The creative capital of a company should not only be in the process of developing products and services, or in areas related to marketing. If you want your business to grow exponentially in all areas, you have to stay focused on attracting creative people. Creativity is not only innovate, solve problems or disruptive, is a term that can encompass an entire business philosophy.

A CFO who cannot solve a problem differently, will suit preconceived ideas, one day may stop working. I allude to a Director of Finance because the other day, when he left in the interview to HR Director of Google, a person stated that creativity as a requirement to enter a job is not always necessary, and offered the example a CFO. That’s when I realized how wrong they are few and often not for their lack of experience, rather it is his lack of perspective. Have experience and have perspective not go together. You can with its wide experience in a field, but not mean you have business perspective. A person with business perspective knows that when all else fails and there is no plan A, B, C or D, you have to pull creativity to jump that hurdle. If the CFO does not have a solution for their lack of creativity, you will have to rely on an external consultant, and we all know you better have a good home.

Despite such knowledge and advances, some companies are unable to retain their creative, even less, generating creative within them. In many jobs still prevail studies before the ability to solve problems in a disruptive manner or predisposition of the person to learn that, ultimately, it is sometimes more important than their studies. The phrase “Required Graduate?” it should not be common in them, and less, knowing the speed currently advancing sectors. I agree with that experience is a factor that can affect the proper performance in a work place, and therefore, if a job requires it, should be a criterion for selection. To some extent, I also understand that we must have a knowledge of the area where it will do the job, and knowledge, I do not mean college. That is why; it saddens me that you are not even given the opportunity to a person who does not have higher education in specific tasks.

In today’s society, a child who studied and worked since age 18, carrying irons, carrying wooden pallets, or a consultancy, you will not be rewarded. It is punished by not having 24 years a master, a specialization in a center of excellence, or has achieved measurable objectives within a company. No matter their creativity, their willingness to learn different jobs or their ability to adapt to any industry, if you have worked in many places and I got fired … will have been for nothing.

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Let’s start by accepting that creativity plays an important role in any job, devalue the studies above other key factors such as self-learning. Now is the time to stimulate the minds of our workers adapt to whatever comes, face the challenge of constantly evolve, and minimize costs through creative ecosystem.

Consider that a creative ecosystem helps to have more productive workers, committed to the company, reduces our costs and improves the rate of turnover. Concerned about what the needs of our employees, not their ideas to discard the first opportunity, not deprive them of learning from mistakes and try to get something recompenses by being different.

Always ask yourself, “How long will you spend your employee is going to produce sufficient returns to merit investment?” When yes, let them try, and when not, explain why.

With the crossroads there to capture global talent, and growing competition, companies must find ways to manage creativity to make it a competitive advantage in increasingly competitive markets. How quickly you can manage your employees’ creativity and focus it in the organization will determine the continuous adaptation to suffer your business to changes that occur in the markets. The faster you get your organization to adapt to changes, more likely to persist in time and meet the needs of consumers in the short term.

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