Design elements to drive leads

With more people researching on the web and buying online, a website is essential for every company. A website should drive leads and it is imperative that you have a strong, well-designed platform for your company. Here are some tips.

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Good website design will increase sales and interest. The layout of your website should be simple and attractive. Ensure the essential information is available for prospective clients, and make your contact details visible. A brand logo or slogan, along with relevant photos, should be displayed. These features all make websites more inviting.


The last thing people want when they visit a website is long pages of information. Not only will they get bored but also they can find too much information confusing. The idea of writing copy is to deliver the information in a short and concise way.

Prioritise the essential information, such as the services you offer, a bit about the company and your contact details. If you need assistance, a professional copywriter will be able to take information about your company and turn it into attractive and readable copy.

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SEO techniques

Prospective clients will often use search engines to find services they are looking for; therefore, search engine optimising is a vital part of generating leads. Good SEO will enable your website to be shown in searches, meaning you attract more visitors. This process can be quite complex and some people may need assistance. There are many companies offering web design in Reading at a reasonable price, such as star web innovations.

Reviews and testimonials

Hearing from previous clients is more likely to generate leads. When people read about positive experiences from others, they are much more likely to trust your company. Ask customers to write a testimonial for your website; alternatively, you could include a link for clients to visit a review site that mentions your company. A separate review site will ensure customers value the review and believe its validity.

Marketing magic

Words can trigger a powerful response, so it is important that your website uses the right marketing words. Potential clients need to trust the brand and feel that you are offering an in-demand product or service that they need. By using strategic placement and highlighting important words, you can draw attention to the text that will most interest people.

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