Do you want to have energy that lasts all day?

Most of us do but don’t know where to start to increase and maintain their energy levels. Believe it or not, the process of building and maintaining our energy is made up of several necessary components. To unravel this mystery we must take a look at our sleep, food consumption, and exercise levels.

It’s no secret that getting proper rest is the best way to recharge a weak battery. However, it can be hard to commit to rest because there are so many things that try to steal our attention. It could be that late night show that has episodes that keep you coming back for more, or just the desire to surf the net for a few hours. There are many things that come between us and our pillow. However, sleep is one of the core pillars that make up our energy levels. While we sleep, many important processes take place in the body that prepares us for another day of unique challenges, joys, and stresses.

Plain and simple, food is fuel, and fuel equals energy. If you don’t get enough food, it will show in your energy level. However, nutrient rich foods are what will provide the most energy. The average female needs to consume anywhere from 1800-2000 calories. Men should consume 2400-3000 calories. Consuming enough calories ensures that you have enough energy to meet the day and all its challenges, optimally. We need energy even when we’re engaged in non-physical activities like studying for a career in pvd technology.


Everyone needs to exercise, but how and how much is vastly dependent on your unique health condition and age. Before starting any exercise regimen it’s a good idea to run it by your doctor. Beyond that, we all need to move our bodies on a daily basis, 30 to 60 minutes is generally enough. Even though exercise seems like it’s just work, it actually helps to increase your energy level in addition to all its other health benefits.

These three powerful components are the building blocks necessary to maintain our energy levels. They all work together to provide us with enough fuel to meet our lives vibrantly. When one component is out of whack, it’s hard for us to get the full benefits of being energized, because food alone can’t power us: Just as exercise and sleep can’t energize us without the help of food. This powerful tripod puts the energy in all our steps.

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