Does the fastest electric car you can buy? Check out this modified Corvette

It is difficult to determine, there is no place or organization that allows us to compare these data, but if we pay attention to the ‘Mile Racing Association’ – IMRA – this much modified Corvette is the one who gets the best score in terms to pure and speed. Boys develop it Genovation.

Electric car
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Chevy would have led to facilities that have NASA in Cape Canaveral, taking advantage of the free kilometers of asphalt for this type of testing. Actually responds to the name of Genovation GXE and exceeds 186.8 miles per hour, which is about 300 kilometers per hour.

The record has achieved in his first day of testing, so we should not wonder that reach more short -term. That rate is the highest in an electric car that can be bought, and that Genovation offers the car as it is seen in the video for $ 330000. Surely we can find projects that cars and beaten, but neither can be bought or take to the streets.

Not all are gross benefits with its 44kWh battery can take a tour of 241 kilometers, if we give a moderate throttle use. For those who are curious on the basis of the vehicle, a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2015.

If you want to know is how much is at Tesla Model S in ‘ludicrous’ mode, comment is limited to 250 kilometers per hour.

Zombie 222, only

Not long ago became famous one Ford Mustang 68, logically highly it modified Blood Shed Motors, which reached the speed of 177.8 miles per hour. In addition, electric, this time it is not sold as a model or preparation kit.

Concept_One Rimac, a very fast concept

If we go to the world of concepts, or cars that have not yet reached production, there we have a Croatian brand called Rimac Automobile, pointing ways with a vehicle called Concept_One.

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Since 2012, we know of its existence, but have again shown on the Geneva Motor Show with a performance frightening: the equivalent of 1,088 horsepower and 350 kilometers per hour and top speed. Rimac only going to build eight units.

Does the fastest electric vehicle?

Passing modifications and concepts, we have projects dedicated to break speed records, such as Buckeye Bullet 3 Venturi. Better known as VBB-3 is a vehicle developed by the team of Formula E bearing the same name, and the University of Ohio (CAR).

Its estimated top speed of 598 kilometers per hour, but it works in order to reach the barrier of 400 miles per hour, or what is the same, 643 kilometers per hour. Still half records aircraft engine-powered vehicles, but everything will come.

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