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When a person searches for a software or a VPN service, the goal may be to overcome the geographical restriction that does not allow you to view the content of a site from another country or to effectively protect your privacy on the internet.

A typical example of the first case is related, for example, to an overseas who wants to see, for example, RAI channels from the internet site or to connect to NetFlix or other streaming services such as Sky.

In the second case, however, it is simply the will of a person to make it completely impossible to trace their internet connection, so use it by hiding hackers, network providers or even government agencies visiting sites and messages that send it online.

You do not have to be computer criminals for privacy; you can also be a normal person who cannot afford to be spied on remotely.

As already pointed out, VPN is the thing that works best to protect online privacy and is why we dedicate an article to the best VPN Premium services ever.

This article, where we see the best VPNs with subscription making an exception to the rule that wants this site as a free resource collection, is needed because most free VPNs have important limitations.

First of all, many free VPNs are limited in the amount of bandwidth available and in speed.

They therefore become useful services for occasional use, but not for those who want to surf the internet behind a VPN all the time and for those who want to see streaming video.

In addition, in most cases, free VPNs collect user data, thus denying the privacy goal.

An example of this is Hola, which works well and is fast, but spy on the connection of its users in a declared and cheeky way.

The best free VPN is provided by Opera browser, unlimited and fast, non-invasive (for privacy it can be fine if you accept anonymous data collection by Opera), but limited to simulating connection from some countries,.

So it does not work much for an overseas, though it works surprisingly well for who want to open blocked foreign sites.

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Searching the Internet, I have found 7 VPN services to subscribe to which are among the most appreciated, which do not cost much, guaranteeing the highest level of privacy and protection, which do not limit the connection speed and traffic bandwidth, where you can choose how to locate the connection for full access to sites in a country that are blocked abroad.

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1) ExpressVPN is the VPN to choose if you want the maximum network speed.

Easy to install, the Express VPN app available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android lets you choose the network access server and locate where you want your connection.

The only limitation of ExpressVPN is that, in its basic license, you can use up to three devices connected to the network simultaneously, including PCs, smartphones, and consoles.

ExpressVPN is a great way to view geo-limited content such as Netflix, BBC, RAI, and other online TVs, which also seems to work from China (for those who travel frequently from those parts).

ExpressVPN has no speed, bandwidth limitations and has no restrictions on downloading and streaming.

Express VPN has an annual subscription of $ 8 a month (it’s one of the highest prices), which can be canceled, if it does not, after the first month asking for a refund.

2) IPVanish is a VPN that offers a large amount of servers through which to connect the Internet, more than 750 in 60 different countries.

Costs can vary considerably depending on server location and origin, but online anonymity and full download speed (including torrent) and streaming are guaranteed.

IPVanish allows up to five simultaneous VPN connections and can also be configured on your home router.

The annual subscription price is $ 6.50 per month.

3) NordVPN is another service with such good reputation as one of the best in terms of speed and quantity of servers in every country in the world to connect to disguise the Internet connection.

NordVPN allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously for an account and is the highest number for the services you have tested.

Another advantage of this service is that you can choose which server to connect depending on whether the target is downloading to P2P or whether you want to watch a streaming TV or for other purposes.

NordVPN, which costs $ 5.75 per month in the annual plan, is also one of the safest thanks to double data encryption.

4) VyprVPN says it is the number one choice of video game players around the world.

The company owns all its servers located in every country in the world and uses hardware specifically designed to handle high-speed traffic even under full load.

In practice, there will never be a slowdown in internet connection or bandwidth restrictions.

VyprVPN’s security features are of the highest level with multiple encryption protocols that guarantee data encryption and maximum privacy.

VyprVPN also offers custom geo-location options to circumvent almost any kind of censorship and display any blocked content abroad.

From what I understand, the only limit is on the download of Torrent files, which are not supported.

One of Vyper VPN’s benefits is that you can try it for free with a three-day trial, then it costs $ 5 a month for the yearly plan.

5) PureVPN is one of the cheapest in this list, which remains among the most popular VPN in the world.

I do not know if that’s always the case, but at the moment there’s a promotion for a two-year subscription that costs only $ 3 a month, so really little.

PureVPN allows you to connect with 5 devices simultaneously, cell phones, smartphones or PCs, and various servers from all over the world.

6) VPNArea, which seems to have been created for abroad who want to see TV and movies from Netflix (also because it is less known).

VPNArea costs $ 60 for a year, so very little.

7) AirVPN is an open source program, great for watching TV abroad and blocked movie sites like Netflix, most popular for those who want privacy and security of connection and also ease of configuration.

AirVPN is very cheap, it can only be bought for 3 days at a dollar (perfect for a test or for short breaks or stays abroad), or you can pay 7 dollars for a month or 54 dollars for a year.

By choosing one of these services, you really cannot go wrong and you will get the maximum possible both in terms of security and unlocking the connection with geo-blocked sites to see US TV or sites such as Hulu and Netflix USA, and to navigate freely in any countries.

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