Forza Horizon 3: The car game for those who grew up with OutRun

‘Forza Horizon 3’, along with ‘Quantum Break’ and ‘Forza Motorsport 6’, the Brute Xbox One game you can take in the face. If you are a fan of visual displays, you should be salivating for it. Yet all this matters little to us because, quite simply, the best of this delivery are not graphics, is that it is tremendously fun.

With an area of land, that doubles the walk through from the previous game; ‘Forza Horizon 3’ takes us to a dream in Australia that new vehicles, testing and possibilities promise to keep us off the screens during a good season. If yours is the arcade spirit, you will enjoy great entertainment. If you go simulators, too.

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Forza Horizon 3: Much more and much better

Playground could have been limited to the usual mantra of the video game world, a “change of scenery, gets more cars and strip miles this already strained,” but instead gets its formula and, with just a change, offers a completely different experience. A, shall we say, more yours.

This time we return to Horizon festival, but rather than as mere spectators do as an organizer and head honcho of the event. From that position, we have secured the best seat to enjoy the show, but also allow us to dictate what we want.

Shortly after starting and winning a handful of races, we took our first decision, where we will create the next point of the festival. We can do it in the middle of a desert dune with factories, airport and canyons through which flow streams, or the great city, a city of asphalt and sharp curves.

Each scenario delivers a type of vehicle and, of course, also a kind of races and challenges. Decided to open the first festival to be there buggies promising new sensations with the saga.

I win a few races that give me money, experience that spin the wheel of fortune to earn credits or cars and most valuable coin in ‘Forza Horizon 3’, fans.

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Simulator influencer

Reached a particular point can use those followers to level one already open or opening a new headquarters festivals. If it is important that freedom is because, for my style of play, the experience with the big city and racing among roadsters BMW and Mercedes just not being my cup of tea, so soon prefer to return to the desert to continue opening exhibitions and challenges.

Each festival has five levels and achieve all not only improves their appearance after a short but too repetitive introduction (which to reach the Big Wheel and fireworks given for spectacular panoramic overnight), also continue to open more and more challenges of that driving style, allowing Model experience while you are enjoying the game slowly.

You are missing something more of chicha when shaping the festival. You will just falling short so deciding destinations and radio stations, but I understand that enliven all that management last aria some really important in a car game, the mere act of driving, and could also be a stumbling block for those They are looking for that and little else.

To prevent have that sour feeling ‘Forza Horizon 3’plays one last trump card, the ability to create your own events or challenges and upload them online to become part of the festival poster. Exhibition races, long jump, crazy amount of points to make skids and jumps…

It’s your chance to stand out a bit from the community with more than just online racing or car designs (my mother’s level charisma some), but also a way to extend a game that, quite frankly, does not need too many excuses for have you hooked for weeks.

The experience of Forza Horizon 3

Driving in ‘Forza Horizon 3’ is a delight for those who grew up with arcade style. The skids are easy to remove and control, although highly dependent on the characteristics of each car, and generally the game comes with a configuration with which not anyone who has gone through gender will have too many problems.

Say what it offers is halfway between dementia of a ‘Ridge Racer’ and the requirement of a ‘Forza Motorsport’, allowing you to spend more laps account but requiring that occasionally touches the brake to not give headlong into a wall and lose precious seconds in the race.

The configuration does the rest, not only to make Derivatives against those who compete are more or less bloody with his ability also to shape how far you want to be a realistic simulator or a party boat with wheels that slip by asphalt.

Where it would not touch much is in the realism of the damage, among other things because the big party here usually jump several meters distance and altitude while dodging cars and obstacles that would be easy to put one foot in the grave.

Where does highlight especially in realism is the behavior of the car in different situations and how all that translates into the vibration control and triggers. With it you know at what point the car, when skidding is you are getting out of hand at times, and turns out to be a delight to the time when you go from gravel to asphalt, noting how the car grips the road or how having a stretch of wheels touching the ground and one playing water makes keeping control of the situation is much more complicated.

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The only negative point in a tremendous cloud of good feelings is probably the most worrying aspect of the whole. The sense of speed is too poor, both beautiful interiors of each car available as from outside, is irremediable remember how well that paragraph gave birth in ‘Need for Speed: Shift’ the little love he has received and that feature since then. Not too understandable because, if memory serves me correctly, in ‘Forza Motorsport 6’ that feeling was much better transmitted and, being of the same franchise, expected something similar.

It ends up being a lesser evil because everything else shines at an exceptional level, from the modeling of more than 350 vehicles including to its ease in improving its features, which can be manual or automatic to search for the best performance without break us to the horns.

The steps by water, which is always at the same height and allow you to go whole lakes like you’re fresh from the dealership Jesus Christ, is one of those improbable decisions the first time you find yourself in that situation. Then you do a race with a boat crossing the same river by plying them and forget a bit of realism that is really necessary in a game like Forza Horizon 3.

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