Heels: 10 models to match

The shoes with heels are the standard of female beauty, slender silhouette and offer a sensual performance. Socket, classic court shoes, with or without plateau and with asymmetrical neckline: each of these models requires an appropriate outfit to every situation, from morning to night.

It has no doubt that the heels are the classic style for women and if you read the history of heels on KeenHistory.com, will find a different point of view. However, here in this article, we will describe ten heel models to be combined according to the requirements of fashion

1) Leather stub: For a more aggressive style, you can choose to wrap your feet with a socket in black leather that wraps the ankle. This type of heels is perfect with short dresses or tight jeans; the look that is to be created must roar alone and emphasize the female grit.

2) Wooden heel: This model, designed for casual situations, goes well with a nautical look and light clothes; they are able to accompany the woman softly.

3) The low heel: The classic par excellence, the low heel is combined with the classic shape of women’s shoes bringing a beauty of old times to mind. Ideal with bubble skirts or short skirts, long patterned retro or vintage. Even the bag, leather or similar materials, goes well, provided that references the shoe.

4) Socket to free the ankle: No doubt, this is one of the most versatile models of feminine shoe. Adapted from the day at the office, until the evening with friends, this shoe takes shape thanks to the look chosen: with a little black dress and a faux fur assume a stylish value; with jeans and a white shirt creates a fresh and cosmopolitan.

5) Shoe with the platform: This model, more suitable for the ceremonies, it manages to slim the leg and create a dramatic gap with those around the woman. It goes well with half-measure suits or long dresses, as long as not too elegant (otherwise the best solution is the stiletto heel).

6) Socket with rubber soles: This is one of the models that you are making room. And is suitable for everyday situation that requires walking or movements. It is not suitable for an evening situation and combines well with a casual look.

7) Ankle boots with laces: It is one of the most aggressive female models and, at the same time elegant. Born from the rehabilitation of male classic shoe, this shoe is suitable for a working environment, accompanied by dark stockings and taller. It manages to give emphasis to elegance management.

8) Asymmetrical shoes: This model is ideal for an evening with friends or for an elegant dinner – but not too much, leaving out part of the foot, highlighting the beauty of the ankle. And is perfect for a casual look or with a course and fluffy dress, summer.

9) Classic neckline: It is without a doubt, the cornerstone of women’s footwear. This model is suitable for every situation of day and night, thanks to its innate elegance and its lovable and valuable versatility. Its beauty explodes with medium length dresses but the clean, linear shapes.

10) Stiletto: Every woman should have in her closet a stiletto heel. The beauty of these shoes is indescribable and is, inevitably, the best of all women’s shoes. It is suitable for any time of day if matched with the condition causes and, above all, in the respect of the aesthetic taste of the heel.

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