How Do Fashion Trends Happen?

Fashion trends have come and gone over the decades. Nowadays, they seem to appear out of nowhere. Digital media has emerged as a major player in how fashions of the day emerge. It used to be a more predictable path, from the fashion house to the fashion magazine, on to consumers. Designers are still influential when it comes to fashion trends, but there are a few ways a look can become an overnight sensation.

Current Trends Still Start at the Runway

Runway models flaunt many of the new fashions in world cities such as New York and Paris. The runway is where a designer’s creation starts on the path to mass production. Many of these are showcased at Fashion Week and other events. People anticipate these shows and look for the most stylish and over-the-top designs. Even if they don’t buy a style directly, they may be inspired to fine-tune their wardrobe with similar products.

Street Style Fashions Still Rule

Fashion inspiration is still drawn from what everyday people are wearing. Many are quick to note the styles worn by others. Street styles tend to be trendy because they are usually easy to replicate. People usually identify more with such styles as well. Hippie looks and furs are common street styles.

Fashion Bloggers Are Trend Setters

The age of the Internet has brought fashion bloggers to the forefront. Some are creating their own trends, promoting the products of top designers who know these promoters are out there. A blogger may photograph themselves wearing designer garments and write down their thoughts for large audiences to read. Shoe fashion trends have been heavily influenced by bloggers.

Fashion Trends Follow Many Paths

Designers know the assets that will get their fashions into the mainstream. They also turn to celebrities; in fact, celebrity actors and socialites represent the biggest influences in fashion trends. It’s not uncommon for a celebrity to be a brand spokesperson. Their fans often tend to copy what they do and wear, and make their purchasing decisions accordingly.

Believe it or not, most fashion trends start as simple ideas, not long before emerging as public trends. Once a fashion trend happens, it does not have to disappear. It may go away for a while. There can still be someone out there inspired by it, and a similar trend may emerge a few years later.

Fashion trends, therefore, don’t follow mantras such as ” I don’t snore I dream I’m a motorcycle shirt“. They happen via some common patterns, and in cycles. If you see a new trend that seemed to come out of thin air, someone had been giving a lot of thought to it in the weeks, months, and perhaps years before it caught your eyes.

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