How important is the timing of meals for health care?

At the time of care health with our diet, not only care about the quality of what we eat and the amount of food we eat, but also other factors that could influence their effects on the body, for example, the timing of meals, how important is this factor for health care? ** Earlier this year a study indicated that make our food early can help you lose weight, something similar to the findings of a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, which states that people who eat before slim plus 15 hours without But ** what other things could affect the timing of meals? Is this real?

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What science says about?

While we have shown two studies that support that intakes before 15 pm or later are favorable to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight, American scientists have not tried this purpose, in fact, consider that neither the frequency of meals or schedule influences on body weight when an isocaloric diet takes, but eat early may be favorable to achieve good glycemic control to help prevent diabetes.

Also, a study published last month indicates that there is insufficient evidence or conclusive about how much can affect the timing of meals to health data , but most suggest that eating earlier could be key to their benefit.

Similarly, American scientists have concluded that make dinner after 20 hours does not affect body weight as believed, although this study was conducted with children and not adults.

However, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, found that those who performed a meal late (after 15 hours) had a lower resting energy expenditure, lower glucose tolerance and oxidation of carbohydrates, as well as changes in levels cortisol, compared to those who ate earlier. All metabolic changes that may harm the long – term health.

On the other hand, a study published in Current Obesity Report notes that beyond the specific time of intake, maintain a regular schedule for meals facilitate weight control and help avoid excesses, which can also result in values of glucose and lipid more stable and controlled.

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Do you really care about meal times?

As we could see, science still shows conflicting evidence about whether really matter the meal times when we want to take care of health, however, generally could say that is a factor to consider.

Beyond the control of body weight, making the early meals could be beneficial for metabolic health and help avoid food excesses that are harmful to digestion and other body functions.

In addition, it is useful to maintain regular meal times so as not to fall into long periods of fasts that can be offset by excessive intake nor in meals or repeated intakes, with little time between them.

So, while not determining the time we eat, itself could be more beneficial than intake is earlier and that sustain over time, relatively regular schedule of meals that help us maintain order in food and greater control food consumption.

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