How the online shopping experience got better

There are very few areas of daily life that have not been touched by the forward march of modern technology, and shopping is perhaps the one that has changed most of all. Online shopping is really still a relatively recent phenomenon, but the way that it has made everything easier and more convenient means that it has revolutionized the way consumers buy things.

It is a complicated question to answer as to whether or not the changes have been led by retailers or consumers themselves;however,changing behaviors mean that selling everything from groceries, to clothing, to expensive appliances has been adapted to the new market conditions.


One example of how a shopper from the late 20th century might be confused about how everyone shops today, less than 20 years later, comes in the shape of apps. Smartphones themselves are only about ten years old, and an internet connection fast enough to load hundreds of items was a rare thing at the turn of the millennium. Today, however, most people carry an internet device around with them and have access to 24/7 internet on the go, so shopping online comes very naturally. This is where apps have really made their mark, as pressing a button and buying an item using your phone or tablet is simple, straightforward and far less bother than making the effort to go to Main Street or the mall.

24-hour opening

Though stores that are open 24 hours a day have been pretty much a fixture of shopping for groceries, at drug stores, or at many other outlets for years, the way that websites have given every seller a round-the-clock access point means that consumers can now dictate when they want to make a purchase. The fact that deliveries are worked with such a fast turnaround, which is set to get even quicker with the coming acceptance of drone tech and other automated systems in the near future, means that shoppers know that they will not be waitingweeks for their items to appear. When that is matched with the ability to take time making choices in the comfort of their own home at any time of day or night, it really does add up to an overall experience that is better than ever.

More platforms, more choice

Of course, not all retailers fully understand the changes, but the ones that do are essentially creating the new digital marketplaces and are set to dominate their sectors. One of the challenging aspects for anyone selling products is that there are now many different platforms and approaches that consumers can use. Some people like to browse websites on their home computer or laptop, while others use a smaller-screen mobile device while on the move. Add to the mix people who like apps, and others who still use older, more traditional methods to find out about products before going on to make a purchase online, and it all adds up to a challenge for retailers to get the mix just right.

As Seen on TV is one of the biggest names to have led the way in successful transitioning to adapt to the new expectations of shoppers, and it has done so by creating a unique blend of new and traditional methods. By making sure thatits online presence works across multiple platforms, the company gives everyone the chance to take advantage of the great deals on offer. Also, simple things such as making sure a wide range of products are all available to view in one place means that consumers do not have to look at a number of different outlets to get everything they want.

Pros and pros

When you take into account the fact that shopping online means no costs getting to a store, no time wasted finding a parking space, and no hassles fighting through crowds of people looking for bargains, it is no surprise that online shopping has seen such a huge and rapid take-up by consumers. With all these pros, there really are no cons, so the shopping experience has not only got better, but it is also easier to compare prices and make sure thatthe deal is right. With no signs of a slowdown in the evolution of the technology, and a continued willingness for shoppers to accept and even demand new and easier ways of doing things, it is likely that the advances of recent years are only the start of even better things to come.

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