How to Choose the Right SAT Tutor for Your Kids

You want your children to get the best education possible, but you can only do but so much as their parent. All you can really do is open the doors of possibilities, which means giving them the right connections. Maybe you’ve done a lot of this already – moving to a good school district, enrolling them in AP courses and extracurricular activities. Now that they’re about to graduate from high school, there’s one more hurdle to jump – the SATs.

If you feel your child needs a bit of help in passing the SATs, then acquiring a tutor is your next task. But like always, you want the best for your child, so how can you choose the right tutor for your student? Whether you’re looking for an online tutor or not, you can use the following to make the right selection.

Here’s a look at the different areas you want to evaluate when browsing for tutors.


Obviously, you want a tutor with great credentials, preferably one who has a teaching certificate that’s been granted by a stated education agency. You can also go with a tutor with a college degree and completed a program that trains tutors. They should be familiar with educational theory, remedial approaches and instructional strategies.

How to Choose the Right SAT Tutor for Your Kids

Experience with SATs

You don’t want to hire just any ol’ tutor with a fancy degree and teaching license. You want to ensure they have experience tutoring students for the SAT. Ask the tutor what their score was and how many years they’ve been helping high schoolers prepare for the SAT.

Success Rate

Some tutors keep track of the students they teach, so they can see if their methods work. Find out if they have a list of scores their tutored students obtained after using their services. This will give you better insight in determining whether the tutor is worth hiring.

The Cost

What rate are you comfortable with paying? This can be tricky, especially when you’re looking for the best possible tutor. The more established and reputable the tutor, the higher their hourly rates. However, don’t let this deter you from finding a good tutor. You can sometimes find one with a great track record, less credentials and more affordable rates. Be willing to compromise if it means getting your child prepared for the SAT.

Communication Skills

How well does the tutor interact with your child? This is important to note, which is why a sample session should be obtained. Doing so will allow you to determine if the tutor has good relationship building skills. This is essential for putting your child at ease. The tutor should also keep open communication with you, letting you know how your child is faring throughout their studies. No sense in paying money if your child isn’t improving.

As you’re interviewing different tutors, make sure to inquire about references, additional fees and how communication will be delivered between the two of you. Make sure to check the schedule of the tutor to ensure it coordinates well with yours and your child’s.

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