How to Convert Your Garage into a Living Space

Just like an attic, there are ways that you can convert your garage into something else if you are running out of room in your home. Of course, it means that youll have to find a new place to store your car, although that will be a small price to pay for the added space youll be creating. Before you decide to convert your garage, there are a few things you need to look at to make sure it can be converted effectively.

The Garage Build Quality

Not all garages are built in the same way; you might find that some are built of wood or concrete slabs which can be difficult to prevent from getting damp. There are also those garages that are lined with asbestos. If your garage is fitted with asbestos, youll need it to be professionally assessed before you can continue. You should also think about hiring a surveyor to look at the garage and decide if its stable enough to be converted.

What will need to be done?

As a garage, all it has had to do is look after your used Ford Kuga and make sure it doesnt get rained on. As another room in your home, there are lots of things that it will need to do, so youll have to add some amenities to the garage. For example, the garage might not be joined to the house, so youll need to create a passageway to keep you dry. It will also need new lighting, plumbing, and electrical sockets. Youll probably want to change the door and the window, and you need to decide about the garage door. Some people simply board it up from the inside. However, you can choose to take the door off and brick up the space.

Building Regulations

Before you start tearing out all the old things and rebuilding, you have to speak to your local authority and see what building regulations it needs to be approved. A lot will depend on what you intend to do to the garage. If you need to extend it, then you may need planning permission, especially if you live in a protected area. You might also need permission if you are planning on changing your home to match the garages new look.

Getting the Work Completed

Once you have checked for permission and evaluated your garage, you should start looking for builders who can perform the conversion. It can be done as a DIY project, depending on whether you have the time and skills to do it on your own. You should get a few quotes to be sure youre getting the best deal; then you can narrow these down to the final two or three.

By having your garage converted, you can add much-needed space to your home. It could even increase the value depending on what the garage becomes.

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