How to Create Symmetry in a Room

People have very different approaches to interior design. Yet, we all want to create one thing: a beautiful, relaxing home that will impress guests. You must therefore strive to incorporate balance, sophistication, and a sense of calm across every room. To help you do so, we are showing you how to create symmetry in a room.

Highlight Bold Architectural Features

Is your home filled with strong architectural features? Lucky you! Highlight a traditional fireplace or unencumbered bay window with a symmetrical arrangement that will balance the room. Any interior designer would tell you to use the center of the room for symmetrical arrangement. For example, flank a beautiful fireplace with matching armchairs that surround a modern coffee table.

Add Height to Low Ceilings

Do you have low ceilings across your home? Not a problem. A few little symmetrical tweaks can add height to your property. For instance, we recommend hanging drapes toward the top of your ceiling, which will flow to an inch above the floor. Each drape should also be flanked by a symmetrical work of art either side, which should be hung to human scale. It can therefore offer the appearance of tall ceilings, which can add balance and grandeur to a smaller space.

Balance Your Bedroom

Symmetry can add sophistication and style to almost any space, especially the bedroom. Create a room you will long to return home to each day by flanking your bed with sleek, modern nightstands, which could feature matching table lamps. You could even add twin artwork above the bed to keep your interior design in proportion. Each placement will appear carefully chosen, which will prove your keen eye for detail.

Add Space with Twin Mirrors

If space is a problem across the home, utilize symmetry to expand your space. For example, you can pair mirrors onto opposite walls to reflect light, which will make a room appear much bigger than it is. Whats more, the complementary accents will add a touch of refinement to your dcor.

Downplay Technology

Do you want to detract the eye away from your TV? Surround the technology with identical items that will encourage the eye to travel around the room, instead of heading straight towards the television. For example, place a TV in the middle of two windows, if possible, with each pane flanked by identical drapes. You can also incorporate matching works of art either side of the TV to downplay the tech.

Anchor Your Items

Do you have an eclectic range of treasures you want to display across a room? Symmetry can anchor the collections so they do not appear cluttered. For example, balance the unidentical items by matching your furniture. For example, two sofas facing each other will add balance and sophistication to the room, which will allow for mismatched collections to tie in together.

Do you use symmetry in your home? Are you a fan of asymmetrical arrangements? Tell us your preference in the comment area below.

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