How to Create the Cohesive Wardrobe of Your Dreams

Have you ever gone to your very full closet and said, “Man, I have nothing to wear!” It’s not an unusual reaction at all.

What you’re actually saying when you go to your closet and say you have nothing to wear is, “Man, I don’t have a cohesive wardrobe!”

This would be more accurate.

How do you get from a closet full of stuff you can never match and never feel like wearing to a closet full of awesome outfits?

Let’s dig in and find out.

Find Inspiration In A Place You Probably Already Hang Out: Pinterest

Women’s fashion on Pinterest is big. It can get a bit weird, but that’s fashion.

As you put together your cohesive wardrobe, you’re going to want to find out what’s in now. Not what was in when you were (insert younger years here).

Now. Quick. Go through Pinterest and pick 15-20 of your favorite outfits. This will give you plenty to pair down for step two of our little guide.

Treat it like a Jackson Pollock painting. Don’t think. Don’t worry about what you have and don’t have in your closet. That comes later. Just pick your favorites.

Find Similarities

The point of a comprehensive wardrobe is the ability to mix and match several outfits without worry.

What are the repeating patterns in what you choose? Humans are pattern seekers. We tend to think in a cohesive order. It’s why we’re creative.

Your mind is doing it without your permission. Take advantage of this.

Did you pick a lot of jeans? Skinny jeans? What about skirts? Dresses? Blouses? What kinds of patterns did you choose? Polka dots? Stripes? Wacky prints?

What about skirts? Dresses? Blouses? What kinds of patterns did you choose? Polka dots? Stripes? Wacky prints?

What kinds of patterns did you choose? Polka dots? Stripes? Wacky prints?

Look at color schemes. This will help you know what you currently love.

Write down the categories. Pants, Shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Shoes. And then write the list of patterns, shapes, styles, and colors you see in your chosen Pinterest photos.

Decide On A Color Palette

The biggest mistake people make in forming a wardrobe is choosing too many colors.

A good color palette consists of only 3-4 colors. That’s it! No more!

What colors are you drawn to? Don’t force it. If you force yourself to accept more colors, you won’t wear those colors.

Are you a pastel person? A dark color person? Black and whites?

If you don’t have a color palette picked out, it’s now easier to choose colors from online stores like

Consider Where You Wear Clothing

What does life require of you? Do you work in an office? Are you bound by this dress code?

Do you work from home? You are bound by no dress code except maybe common decency and hygiene.

It’s extremely important that your wardrobe matches your situations and personal dress code.

You can always apply a general look to your life without sacrificing what you think looks good on you.

If you hate heels but love the way dressy shoes and slacks look on you, try some dressier flats and black jeans with a blouse.


As long as you keep to your color palette and pick clothing that fits your personal or professional dress code. You will be able to go to your closet and instantly have something to wear.

So, get your butt in gear and pick out your cohesive wardrobe today. And, as always, stay fashionable.

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