How to design the product packaging

For many companies, good packaging design for its products is more important than the product itself. The image is of major significance to the choice. Here are some tips to design the packaging.

The importance of designing a good Packaging

If we should emphasize only one thing to launch a product, it would certainly be the packaging, and the quality of the goods? According to marketing experts, it comes in second as designing the packaging of a product is a guarantee of security and success. The article containing the true personality, “face”, which is sold, aesthetics, etc? A box, a bag or package should be good to sell what’s inside, that is, is to induce consumers to purchase.

Design the product
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In order to succeed in selling a product, you need to understand that both the packaging and the article are a perfectly balanced composition. The packaging is not only containing the goods, but it is the best way to advertise and get noticed.

With regard to packaging costs, it seems to be a constraint for small and medium entrepreneurs. They usually do not invest too much money on the package and that is a profound mistake. Maybe they should think about product design as one of the cornerstones of success.

If the problem is the budget, you can always fix it. First we must be clear about what you want to achieve and on this basis, analyze the cost. The aim of the company (regardless of size or experience) must be to achieve a competitive product and that differs from the rest. Once it has been defined, the design fits the specific needs according to the money available. The challenge is to balance the commercial effectiveness with the unique quality of packaging.

The suggestion of the experts in how to design a good packaging is to start from scratch mark as being original can draw more attention. Always consider consumption practices and know that they are constantly changing. It all depends on the historical and social circumstances, the time of year, who is it for, etc.

So before embarking on designing the packaging of a product, you must perform what is known as a study or market research. In this way, we ensure a good success rate. A common mistake in marketing does not know what potential clients want and that translates into a lackluster packaging that does not draw attention and therefore not sold. This leads to another sidereal mistake in the world of business: the copy of what is already on the market. It is a very common but detrimental trend because it affects the consumer experience and at the same time, the image of the brand.

How to design the product packaging: container, box or bag?

To design a good package, we must know what we have available to wrap our product. The options are:

– Packaging: Used since 1810 for this purpose, can be any type of object to store our product. However, it is called container bottles (glass or plastic) and cans, mostly. The main feature is that it remains in good condition what’s inside. You must meet certain requirements, such as a sealed, thermal and mechanical barrier to provide security to the customer and the company.

– Safety: The most common material for this type of packaging is cardboard, and the most common shape is the cube. But in addition, it puts this imprint of the company to stand out. The box is a normal packaging where design is everything. It must be pleasing to the eye and to some extent protect the article.

– Exchange: Although increasingly are using fewer bags for environmental issues, there are still brands and companies committed to this type of packaging. There are thousands of different designs but with a single premise, which is to help load product conveniently and safely to destination. The materials used are plastic (nylon), cardboard or paper and stabilizer, a fabric that can be used again several times.

How to design the packaging: basics

Sure you’ve decided what type of packaging you use, but you still need something very important as the design or building blocks, that is, those that cannot be ignored:

– The logo: to design the packaging of a product we cannot forget to put the logo of the brand or company, the same that we use to identify ourselves in business, in the website, business cards, etc.

– Typography: The font must be of a size related to packaging measures. It must also represent the qualities of the brand and serve to recognize or identify the product without problems.

– Illustration: Known in English as “product shot” image is used as proof of quality of an item. Remember before making a preliminary study to know the emotions and feelings that carries the product.

– The combination of colors: You help facilitate (or not) the sale of your products. It is best to not use more than three colors to build a visual identity.

To design a good packaging, pay attention and remember to comply with all the recommendations in this article.

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