How to encourage learning with games

We all know that children love to play, so if we take the time to give them an apprenticeship, the result will be much more effective.

Learning through games

The technique of learning through games and fun activities gives very good results, both being applied by teachers and educators in schools and colleges, or even the parents can use at home or in the holiday period.

Learn and Play
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Ideas to motivate learning with games

Questions and answers to encourage learning in children, anything goes. We can arrange, for example, sets of questions and answers (with prizes at stake, whether stars, cards or sweets) where kids can play individually or in teams, and on a preset theme. These games may include activities of response time, the technique of “complete the sentence” and many more.

There are also other activities that motivate learning games so entertaining. One is the composition of simple songs on a specific topic, then the children can share in the classroom, the prize may be the time musicalization in music class. We also ask them to arm teams and design a poster or drawing on the theme in question, then have it explained in class or family, or even write poems or short stories on the subject they are learning at the moment.

Theatrical activities also have very good results in learning issues, especially those related to history. We can encourage children to dress up as the protagonists of this historical period, to represent moments of great significance in history. This will be fun, especially for the kids, who will enjoy the dress attire costume, makeup and other.

With a little ingenuity and few materials, we can achieve a whole set of teaching and educational board, in order to encourage learning. We can only emulate the formats of the most popular games, and take the notebook on the topic in question.

In the computer, simply with a word processor, we write down the questions with a choice of 4 answers, one of which will be correct, and we can also design a simple board where children participate, advancing a space for each correct answer.

We can also do this using a blackboard, and determine a motivating award. For example: the child who wins can choose the recreational activity for gym time, or test the track for an hour of music, or the menu if we participate at home.

With a little imagination will find thousands of options to encourage learning with educational games, and so our children can learn by playing.

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