How to entertain children on a long drive by car

Today is one of August, the date that for many means the beginning of the holidays.It is one of the dates in which there are more cars circulating, conforming the famous “Operation Exit” that organizes the General Direction of Traffic.During the trips, it is frequent that our children get tired and get bored along the way asking continuously: How much is missing?To avoid those inconveniences, today we tell youhow to entertain children on a long car trip.

Obviously, it is important for them to assume that it is not our task to keep them continually and that our mission is not to give them entertainment every ten minutes.They should be able to look for their activities to have fun, and evena bit of boredom is not bad for them to develop their self-reliance and their imagination, but they come very well the tricks, games, ideas and advice that we are going to give you, so thatthe Long drive is more bearable for all.These are our proposals.

Songs to sing all together

One of the things that children like, especially children under 12, is tosing songs that are known and more if they are sung as a family.Prepare a disc with the songs that you like and insert a new one so that you can learn it.

It is a good way to make miles without realizing it, and it is also more fun than other possible activities to entertain children.

Coloring or painting is fun

Painting a picture or coloring a notebook can keep the children occupied for half an hour, distracting them until they reach a stop.It is something easy, comfortable and cheap.If you go with several children, you can make a kind of competition …”To see who draws the beach better” will be a perfect challenge.

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I see-I see or the riddles

They areclassics that never fail.Propose that the right person puts words and starts with car, road, mountain, or tree, easy things to get it right and enjoy with this entertainment proposal that can help you do enough kilometers.

Word Series

Each one has to say aword that begins with the last syllable or with the last letter of the previous word.For example: Sandwich – raining – summer – no … no … I cannot think of … and start over.

It is also fun to do series like the following: You have to saymealsand each one is saying macaroni, egg, tortilla, soup … etc. until you know how to continue.The loser proposes a new theme, such ascolors, animals, cities, garments…

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Count yellow or orange cars

You do not see many cars of these colors so we can make acompetition to see who sees one first.This game can be maintained throughout the trip even if you are playing something else, and anyone who sees a car of those colors by its lane or in the opposite direction, on the road or parked screams “orange car” and goes aiming somewhat.See who sees more during the trip.

Notice the signs and traffic signs

Identifying the signals can be educational and for children, learning them is an entertaining activity.To see who sees a signal that says Cadiz or to see who finds aforbidden signal to advancecan be entertained for a while.

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Stops and meals

Stopping gasoline, stretching your legs and preparing or buying a small sandwich comes in handy tobreak the routine of the trip.It may be time to give everyone a prize for behaving well.

A nap is never a bad choice

When children get bored, and even more so with the engine’s sedative effect, it is easy for them to fall asleep.In that case, there is nothing to do, keep the conversation to the necessary volume andtry to take advantage of sleeping, which will save a part of the trip.If one is sleeping, and several children are in the car, it is time to propose to the awake a prize if he does not wake his brother or if he sleeps too.

The use of electronic devices

Many cars havetablets placed on the head restraints and putting a moviecan be a good resource when we cannot think of anything else but it is not the option that I would recommend.I have just returned from a 6 hour car trip with my nieces and we have entertained ourselves with the other possibilities that I tell you.

Anyway,leaving a mobile or a tabletto play some educational game can be a good resource when the other leisure alternatives that I propose do not work.

With all thesetricks to entertain the children on a long car trip, I assure you that even the longest drive by car becomes more bearable, but still, you probably hear the famous question from time to time … When we arrive how muchAnd you,do you have any trick to entertain your children that you want to share in comments?

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