How to keep your garage safe

If you use your garage regularly you probably dont think too much about safety. After all, it is just another room in your house – but is it? Most people use their garages to complete DIY projects on heavy machinery, and the walls are covered in dangerous tools.

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In fact, the garage is a fairly dangerous area. According to Blue Sky Builders, the garage is one of the most common sites for household accidents. While your garage does hold some potential dangers, thankfully, most of them can be avoided if you follow a few practical safety tips.

Here are five ways to keep your garage safe.

Be careful when working under the car chassis

Lots of people assume that the only car dangers take place under the car, but you should also be wary of the electric cooling fan in the chassis. This is because it can spill by itself, even if the engine is turned off.

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Make sure you raise your car safely

Dont try to raise your car if you dont know how to as you may injure yourself. Many experts also recommend that you should raise your car on the pavement outside, instead of inside the garage, as this means you have more space to move around.

Dont jack up a car in your garage

A jack stand can easily go through flooring, but it wont go through the concrete outside. You may be tempted to jack the car in your garage, but if it goes through the floor it becomes a massive health and safety hazard. If you have jacked up your truck and you want to install truck camera systems, check out for a wide selection of vehicle camera systems.

Protect your eyes

When you are working in the garage you open yourself up to the possibility of an eye injury, so you should invest in eye goggles to wear as you work. You never know when a stray fleck of wood will fly right next to your eye.

Protect your lungs

If you are working on your car you should make sure to protect your lungs by cleaning your brakes with aerosol brake cleaner, as this will remove the pad dust that can irritate your lungs. You could also use soapy water and a cleaning brush to remove the pad dust.

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