How to know if someone likes you

When a person like any other, is showing signs unconsciously, his body, his gaze and his speech as well… Learn to identify them to know if someone likes you.

How to know if someone like me

Even on your worst day, there is always someone who likes you, says a widespread popular belief. But when we are not at our best mood, or when our self-esteem has been disrupted for some reason we cannot believe it. But it’s true: there is always someone who would physically or emotionally attract to you, even in your worst days, even if you have never exchanged a single word. Or maybe there is someone you care, that attracts you, but doubts whether to pass or not, as you also do not know if that person likes you. Therefore, it is time to confidante with some simple tips to know when someone likes you, and that, after check, you can encourage you to establish contact.

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Behavioral changes

Think about when someone you like, either emotionally or physically: your behavior is modified, at least a little. Some are left speechless and just smile, who want to show all its virtues in words, and some are better when they are close to the person they love. And you also have small changes in behavior when you’re in the same room with the person you like.

That’s your starting point to understand that those people will also behavioral changes in your presence. Although we are all different, we also share these signals that indicate when someone we like, when we want someone … and we can use all that to our advantage to know if that special someone likes us also.

Signs to know if you like

As we said, the signs vary from person to person. However, there are many shared or repeated, such as those discussed below.

Signs of the face

– The person looks at you constantly, even when you’re on the other side of the room. If you change your position, you are looking and watching you, but if you look straight in the eye looks down, somewhat restrained. It is very common to try to get your attention by making a sound, a laugh or something.

– The mouth is a great indicator. If you notice that, in speaking with you, that person moistens his lips or lip biting, be seeing clear signs that you want and I want to kiss you.

– It is very common, if you engage them in conversation with that person staring, blush barely touch his face. Look at this clear signal.

Signals the body

– It is natural nod (mostly left) when you look at someone you like. In doing so, the person can also play with your hair or touch her ​​face or her ear.

– When standing in front of you, it gets fairly in the face, something close and straight .Usually show the wrists, on the inside, if they are sitting. Yes, looks away or for some cost to your body, you are not interested away.

– When compared to be desired, it is common for people to touch his body, making subtle touch: cheeks, hands, legs, arms, or hair.

– A clear indication is the contact you have with you. While talking, see if you touch your arm, shoulder or tries to bring his body to yours.

In his speech signals

– To talk to you, usually make many questions, repeating your name in the chat. I usually also without justified reason, e.g. “I’ll pick a drink, do not go please” or similar.

– There are also signs in conversations with others. Although talk to your friendsyou are looking at him. It also says about you (especially girls) with his friends, making the whole group turn to look at you.

– The more daring or even daring you named with a pet name , showing you the attention and care that you would have if they became a couple.

Analyzes the presence of these subtle signals that person to see if you like. So you will know whether or not you take the next step, or how you should act in his presence.

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